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  • IMMORTALS. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE!! IT. IS. AWFUL! That's not the Fall aты it never will be. And it's fucking disturbing with all the scenes. That iron bull scene will hunt me for ages now. And I was so waiting for the movie. I just like Greek mythology so much. I even started to read Percy Jackson for that.. *LE SIGH* And yeah, everything that is pretty and interesting can be found in trailers no don't waste nor money no time.
  • Speaking of time. IN TIME. Hollow movie is hollow. While it has its moments. I even laughed twice. BUT! If you create a verse you stick to the rules of it. And the last drop was the last scene where Justin and Panda eyed lady were arguing who's gonna give up their time for another while standing still.. Train wreck.
  • American Horror Story [s01e06] on the other hand is as flawfree as it can be. Every sub plot is working on its own. Violet is just blossoming as a character. Tate's story is captivating at least. Constance is just pooling out one scene after another. PERFECT!
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  • Misfits [s03e02] None of the American shows would ever go this far. I mean what are even the boundaries at this show? Kelly's gonna have a perfect OTP in near future, AND SHE'S FOOKING ROCKET SCIENTIST)) I just love it when she wanted to kick Mel's ass for Alisha))
  • Oh and yes - watch this video
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  • Oh, and i have some OUAT ideas over here, so as i was recently pointed at, Sheriff can be the huntsman, i mean he was going on a trail as a wolf, but yhe Queen still need her Huntsman to cut Snowwhite's heart [and he's already shown his affections towards damzels in distress]. Another question is - are we forgetting that Snow white had a sister once again? I mean Rose Red could've benn an amazing ginger villian.. just sayin'