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  • Hunger Games trailer is out [x]. I've read the first book and while it was entertaining as much as a bunch of kids killing each other one by one in a dozen different ways can be, it is still a strange merge between Project Runway and Man Vs. Wild. I really don't know whether i like it or not.. And i wonder about the rating of the movie itself.. I mean are we going to have a blood bath or just killing people off behind the screen..
  • Misfits [s03e03]. With my new OTP blossoming over a grave of some girl, who's so gonna come to life. And my old OTP being all angsty and confused. Though the BAD GUY of this episode was.. meh.. The overall episode was rather good and pretty looking. that fight scene with comics stripes was so cool.
  • Kitty got eliminated from the X-Factor UK and got a hug from lady Gaga. [x]
  • Still got to watch OUAT
  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is out at last. And I have already killed my first dragon. Such a good game.
  • and Coldplay's Paradise is all over my player right now, after last night SNL