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  • So i had my first two days at work back from lil' vacation and it wasn't that much fun as they promised in their commercials. I literally passed out around 10pm yesterday to wake up today.. such a waste of time. Just imagine of all lost time with some quality television. *le sigh*
  • Anywho, i got my pay-check and a lil' promotion, just sayn'
  • and today was a great TV day, as usual
  • Happy Endings // Big Bang theory and Community were good but not that much fun as they can be.
  • American Horror Story. that is what i call a Halloween episode. Just loved the Adie storyline. And may be that was the first time in series i liked Violette what so ever.. Moira's subplot was touching. Gay Spock was too much gay sometime. And the rubber man cameos were kinda out of order.
  • One question though - why haven't Moira visited her mother earlier?..
  • FADES. OH. MY. GOD. EVERYONE. JUST. WATCH. IT. There were so many really good moments this time. Both Jane moments. I mean the one outside and the one inside talking 'bout her. Sarah's moments of swinging back and forth from good to evil and back. A bit tacky moment of levitation. But overall - I NEED SEASON 2!
  • Misfits are airing TOMORROW!!

Fades [s01e04-05]

  • Everyone should watch this show. Really.
  • It's just so good. Walking Dead good, or Misfits good. I don't know how to explain it really.
  • And so much is going on in just one episode, if it were an American tv-series, it would've lasted ofr 48 episodes to catch up on everything that has happened in those 5
  • Sarah storyline is just breathtaking. That transformation she goes through only to find herself as miserable as she never was. And you totally connect with her motivation and that's just so great.
  • Paul and John have in a last episode conversation that was fantastic.
  • and something tells me that Sarah will be as much evil or even more than John.
Upd. I almost lost my faith in Ineternet while looking for a song title during Sarah's reborn, but still got it - Dead Can Dance - Persophone (The Gathering of Flowers)