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  • first thing first - house warming PARTEY this Saturday WOOT-WOOT - wine and Mafia games what can be better.
  • secon of all - ALL THE TV FEELS!!
  • GoT. I was one of the people convincing Daily Grace @ youtube to review GoT and it was hilarious! And OMG Sansa x Cersei feelings. And Carsei x Tyrion.. and everything is perfect exept FAIYAAAAHH AND BLUUUHHDD!! though those creepy fuck wizards were cool so i'm good with it.
  • Fringe. Oh Fringe. Etta Bishop and all my future feels. I will miss this show so much. Why there are almost NO sci-fi shows around?
  • OUaT. Well hello there guilty pleasure i missed you. Well, mostly Regina. And she freaking delivered it! Perfect bitch is perfect. And that last bit with - no matter what you think or what they'll tell you - i love oyu.. oh bb you deserve someone who loves you the way you love him.
  • HIMYM. RAGE. I love Karma. And the way they are totally going to ruin her is.. just.. RAGE..
  • tBBT. Well that last scene was cute as hell.
  • Icon-wise i'm struggling with my muse and everything i make i then delete in a minute or two. 20insp batch is gonna be hard for me.

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  • and that's how my vacation was wasted *le sigh*
  • but all the renovation works are done and i'm ready to move out this/next week
  • another fun thing was to choose the BOOKS to take to the new place. And when i say it was hard. Believe me it was.

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  • i have at least two icon battles at hold. [sorry Lexy :}]
  • and i have seen Avengers. Which were awesome. And if we're talking about the best characters and scenes i have no hesitation to speak

  • [Spoiler (click to open)]

  • in other news this lady is amazing
  • watch her here
  • especially this bit
  • and if you're not deeply in love with her try watching this
  • all in all i'm fine, you?