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  • New Girl [s01e04]. I don't really know is it just me or the whole episode concentrating on the penis jokes is a bit tacky at least?
  • The Big Bang Theory  [s05e08] was beyond amazing this week. The whole Amy Farrah Fowler situation was both hilarious and heartbreaking. And let us never forget this:
  • Once Upon a Time [s01e02] Is it normal to cheer for evil Queen? I guess in this show it is. And did Swan really told her "Sister!". WHO CUTS SOMEBODIES APPLE TREES WITH A CHAINSAW!? And Pam was amazing. Otherwise still a bit predictable and lots of ACTING!! But yeah i'm watching it.
  • American Horror Story [s01e05] WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!! I mean there is no show on air tonight that has THAT much happening in one episode. But perfect moments were: Constance in a morgue, Nora and Ben rendezvous at the basement, the Tate storyline at the beach near the end {you asked me if i belive in god, i said yes and you still shot me, PRICELESS} and the very last scene here the ghosts are coming home {so sweet}
  • aaand i'm currently reading Soulless by Gail Carriger and it's just beyond words. Can’t help but picture Alexia as Lady Mary Crawley

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  • So i had my first two days at work back from lil' vacation and it wasn't that much fun as they promised in their commercials. I literally passed out around 10pm yesterday to wake up today.. such a waste of time. Just imagine of all lost time with some quality television. *le sigh*
  • Anywho, i got my pay-check and a lil' promotion, just sayn'
  • and today was a great TV day, as usual
  • Happy Endings // Big Bang theory and Community were good but not that much fun as they can be.
  • American Horror Story. that is what i call a Halloween episode. Just loved the Adie storyline. And may be that was the first time in series i liked Violette what so ever.. Moira's subplot was touching. Gay Spock was too much gay sometime. And the rubber man cameos were kinda out of order.
  • One question though - why haven't Moira visited her mother earlier?..
  • FADES. OH. MY. GOD. EVERYONE. JUST. WATCH. IT. There were so many really good moments this time. Both Jane moments. I mean the one outside and the one inside talking 'bout her. Sarah's moments of swinging back and forth from good to evil and back. A bit tacky moment of levitation. But overall - I NEED SEASON 2!
  • Misfits are airing TOMORROW!!

>>!!spoiler warning!!<<

  • Downton Abbey [s01-e03e04] Love is in the air. And that wonderful game of hiding a corpse of a Turkish ambassador in your house late at night with your closest friends was priceless. What even more priceless is Lady Sybil and her acceptance of her servants needs and love for equality and of course garment choices. Oh and Mary, heartbreaking to be honest. Having around a flock of young gentlemen and then all alone in the forest. Poor thing. And every subplot is so beautiful. But at this very spot i don't even punch Thomas in his face as much as i want to punch Daisy. For God's sake at least thomas understands that he's "evil"..
  • American Horror Story [s01e03] Moira's storyline is just heartbreaking. I mean as far as we know he's bound to the house for all eternity and has no chance to recover. And to make the last scene appear at my #TEAR JERKER 101 tag they had to play Carina Round - For Everything A Reason And people around are thinking that Tate is constance dead son.. I'm not even sure if he's dead at all tbh..
  • Happy Endings [s02e04] First of all go and watch this show. this may be the first episode where Penny hadn't outshined everyone. It was all about Jane tonight.
  • The Fades [s01e03] You know why i love English TV. CINEMATOGRAPHY. You just watch it and it inspire you. All those negative space, angles, close shots. And Fades has it. Another great episode. So all Fades now are gonna become human? Or is that prick special? It's not that breathtaking tbh, though far better than a dozen of teen tv series across the Atlantic ocean. And yet again Sarah storyline is so hopeless. She stays with her man, who she never wanted to leave at the first place. An she can talk but he can't hear her. Poor bbs..
  • And apparently they are streaming Once Upon a Time Pilot at imdb worldwide - here Haven't watched it yet, but only because i have to go to sleep.
  • In other news Ceremonials are already all over the Internets [e.g here]