So one of my friend kinda owns a club and another one gonna host a Halloween party there, so шэму made some posters and now they are printed and everyone can see them... like that's the first time my PS stuff got out of my computer into the city :D

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and i am all sorts of glad right now, even though those might be not the best of my PS works but damn they are printed and i can see those everytime i'm going home from work :'D

also i have all my things ready for the party :D
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just a random note that i'm alive

speaking about perfection:

  • AHS: COVEN. [ep 1 & 2]


  • Pokemon Ruby [i was so pissed that i can't play X/Y and i even wanted to buy a 3DS but then KABKAYMEY got all roms for GBA and DS so i have lots of pokemon ahead.]


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  • ATTACK ON TITAN! ep23-24. Basically - this i mean i knew that was coming... But damn Annie.. I want to know why and what the fuck is your motivation!! But damn it is perfect!

  • Lorde and Birdy. Those Girls are like 16 and they are already way better than most of the scene rn.

  • SNL. OMG i don't even remember the last time i laughed as much at an SNL episode as at this one. Tina Fey is magical and all the new cast members seems to be great sports :]


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  • ATTACK ON THE TITAN!! Okay there is liek 3 episodes left and i have all the feelings!! And i wanna talk about them!! FEMALE TITAN!! I mean c'mon lookat here she kinda has all the Annie's features and it will kill me.. and everything is killing me at this point! And then PETRA! Oh gods and heavens! I don't even know if I want to watch the rest of it [well who am i kidding i have 23/24 ep. waiting for me at home already D:]


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  • Watch Attack on the Titan they said. It will be fun they sad! THEY LIED! Everyone's dying and i can't handle my feelings!! [like 12episodes in one sitting]

  • In other news i'm pretty much alive and kicking with some ups and lows, though i prefer concentrating my attention on the good stuff.

  • I haven't even finished season 3 of Breaking Bad but damn i am happy with Anna Gunn's Emmy [well Emmy were boring as usual well exept the choreography bit in the middle]

  • I got my hands on The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and i can't wait to read it.

  • In other other news i'v downloaded about 15 albums this month and right now i'm in eargasmic heavens if you ask me :]

  • So how you doin? What's going on?


siberia weather report

  • It is constantly raining. Day after day after day after day. And when you think tht there can't be any more rain it fucking pours out as a waterfall on your head. Hate being wet. And using umbrella. I want my snow already! Well let's hope that this all changes in a week and we'll have our indian summer and may be even spend some days at the nature. Well may be exept the nature part.


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  • First things first - WELCOME TO THE NEW FRIENDS :D Well i surely remember making some :D if you are interested i have an intro post, so you can get to know me a bit better.

  • In other news.. i want to re-open au_rooms, only free-for-all-not-elite this time. I think the main purpose for this one should be having fun and exploring the MULTIVERSE!!~

  • In other-other news Marvel ONE is amazing so far.. Well X-Men and All New X-Men at least, New X-Men made laughing out loud a couple of times :D

  • Re-watched Les Miserables with my friends at my place {YAY MOVIE NIGHT}, and damn i cared so little for the Wolverine - Gladiator storyline it hurt!! I mean i'm all up for te revolution plot and even some of the side characters.. Though the movie is really pretty. Like really really pretty. And well - ♪REEEEEED - THE BLOOD OF  ANGRY MEN!!♫

  • nothing much otherwise tbh .____.


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  • So the sleep paralysis thing is back in less then two months and it drives me mad. I was just freaking napping and KABLAYMEY!! No i'm not, though yes i am. Well the worst thing that could happen is a massive panic attack and hallucinations and well i had them all right. The worst part is realising what's going on and trying to calm down enough to fall asleep within a sleep. Ugh. Freaking brain and his ways. And the worst part was going to sleep later that night when i had this massive anxiety every time i reach that spot in time where i was going to fall into the sleep and then just forcing myself out of it almost automatically.

And now it is time for a less personal TMI part :]

  • Saint Row IV. Is amazing. Just everything i ever wanted in a omputer game ever. Basically it's a GTA with a superhero powers and a massive amount of fun. We are taling about President of US saving the world from an alien invasion in a virtual reality :D [yeah also add me at steam if you have one we can have fun game times, i'm also phaust there :D]

  • So i decided to try those Mortal Instrument stuff and OH DEAR GOD WHY!? This book is so bad i can't stop cringing at the dialogues and well there are times when i facepalm myself for like 5 times during one page. but damn it is so bad it's good. Like that weird TLC shows you watch jus becuase you can't change the channel. You are just mesmerized by the BAD. [totally my own opinion without any intent on kiling anyone's fun]

  • You guys should really check out the new Travis album jsyk.

  • ANTM just keeps on giving. With it's sob stories and everything that gives me life.

  • In other news i decided to rewatch second season of RuPaul's Drag Race and damn Rave was so robbed i don't even wanna talk about it.

Anywho, how you doing guys?