alex_ (phaust_) wrote,

  • So yeah folks, it's been a while. I've managed to find a nice pack of people to hang out with, get sacked, find a new job and grow a glorious beard that i love and cherish as i would never love and cherish my firstborn. Well i guess i'm being a bit dramatic and i will love my firstborn somewhat at the same level but i won't promise anything.

  • In other news. I've missed this little cozy community of weirdoes and kinda want to crawl back in step by step wiggle by wiggle. And yeah, my English is being disgustingly bad. I mean i used to have some practice here but now all my English speaking friends are speaking this weird combination of English and English with the strongest foulest Russian accent that i stopped bothering. Well I guess it's a nice time to start bothering. DIS-GUS-TING i tell you.

  • i will try to be around and of course i miss making icons. Nothing soothed me more than making those 100*100 pictures of text and colour and i guess i need some of that at the moment. But my skills are rusty at best ===>

  • So if you have some icontest i can participate in that would be great :D

  • Anyhow, how you've been? Is anyone still alive?


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