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26 June 2014 @ 09:39 am

  • the 100. Damn it was good. Like a real solid sci-fi with lots of green and ladies kicking everyone's asses! And how amazing was Anya(i guess i have a soft spot for any modificaton of this name, Anyanka, anyone?), btw it just dawned on me that she's also Sierra from Dollhouse.  I want to icon every cap wit her face in it!! I also really liked the way they are not afraid of killing people off. MAking a series more "real" in a way. Every action here has consiquences. The only question i have i why the hell humanity has degraded so much in just a 97 years. Anya is what, the 3rd/4th generation? Why everything's so tribal!? Not to steal anything away form it but i kind of saw the last twist coming from the first episode, but it's still cool in a way that it opens such a vast pool of questions!! BASICALLY EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH 100!! IT HAS DESMOND BTW!!

  • Teen Wolf. At this point the show is just pure camp. It's like they just add stuff as they go, not even thinking about consistency or what not. Though i like the way the pack has morphed into this lady-pack :]

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alex_phaust_ on June 26th, 2014 02:57 am (UTC)
It is, belive me! The season is 13 ep. long and you really fall in love with it somewhere during the 3rd one :]