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.this is the beginning

so yeah let's make a post about those months away:

  • couple of month ago i got myself a promotion and now i am kinda a big deal but not really But since everything was all sorts of new for me at my new position it took almost two months to get into all of it and yeah now i'm a bit less occupied during my free time. But damn it i am way more stressed. Hence why not make more icons since it's the best stress reliever ever.

  • In other news i decided to make some new friends irl since it was a bit tiring to see all the same faces on the everyday basis at work. So yeah, i'm taking part in a English Speaking Club. And those peopleare wonderful and i have another place to not forget my English.

  • GoT. My bb bearded angel is gone now and i'm so not okay with this you have no idea.

  • I have seen all the June movies i wanted and ofc none of them blew me away but they were not that bad. [Godzilla, Maleficenta, Edge of Tmrw, X-Men]

  • i tried to icon:

  • and i keep thinking about that Mythology Icon Community i never knew i wanted to run.


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