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24 September 2013 @ 06:08 pm

  • Watch Attack on the Titan they said. It will be fun they sad! THEY LIED! Everyone's dying and i can't handle my feelings!! [like 12episodes in one sitting]

  • In other news i'm pretty much alive and kicking with some ups and lows, though i prefer concentrating my attention on the good stuff.

  • I haven't even finished season 3 of Breaking Bad but damn i am happy with Anna Gunn's Emmy [well Emmy were boring as usual well exept the choreography bit in the middle]

  • I got my hands on The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and i can't wait to read it.

  • In other other news i'v downloaded about 15 albums this month and right now i'm in eargasmic heavens if you ask me :]

  • So how you doin? What's going on?

alex_phaust_ on September 25th, 2013 04:24 am (UTC)
LOL, well yeah, listen to all the music from my prvious comment :D also VV BROWN!! JUST LISTEN! it is so magicaaaaal~

i'm on ep. 14 and damn it was intense with all the stone and gate and titans...and bb Mikasa.. and damn i'm pretty much certain that they will kill both my faves at one point or another, i.e. Sasha and Annie ;_; i mean i'm pretty much ready for them all to die at on point D: WHAT IS THIS GAME OF THRONES REALNESS!!~~