alex_ (phaust_) wrote,

  • First things first - WELCOME TO THE NEW FRIENDS :D Well i surely remember making some :D if you are interested i have an intro post, so you can get to know me a bit better.

  • In other news.. i want to re-open au_rooms, only free-for-all-not-elite this time. I think the main purpose for this one should be having fun and exploring the MULTIVERSE!!~

  • In other-other news Marvel ONE is amazing so far.. Well X-Men and All New X-Men at least, New X-Men made laughing out loud a couple of times :D

  • Re-watched Les Miserables with my friends at my place {YAY MOVIE NIGHT}, and damn i cared so little for the Wolverine - Gladiator storyline it hurt!! I mean i'm all up for te revolution plot and even some of the side characters.. Though the movie is really pretty. Like really really pretty. And well - ♪REEEEEED - THE BLOOD OF  ANGRY MEN!!♫

  • nothing much otherwise tbh .____.

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