alex_ (phaust_) wrote,

Well there was a time last night with me catching up with Teen Wolf.. and i guess i watched 3rd nd 4th episode and damn it is that new girl who Derek fancies is an evil druid black oak shit? I mean i like her and that will be kinda all over places sad. Though don't spoil me i want to suffer in due time. As a whole thing it is still a campy show with over dramatic big bads [IIIIII AAAAAAMMMM DEEEEEEEMOOOOOOON WOOOOOOOLF! i mean c'mon..]. Though i really like the way the are building up the mythology of their universe. Also my poor bb Lydia..
Also i have two new books from amazon - Batwoman vol.1 Hydrology with amazing art by J. H. Williams III, and FABLES 1001 Nights of Snowfall :D They are new shiny and smell like ink and stuff.
I'm playing Portal 2 rn, and damn my heart explooded when i was betrayed by the most awesome one-eyed companions with an amazing accents D:
I finished orange is the new black. AND THAT SHIT WAS INTENSE!!
In other news i'm good, got two days till my 10 days of vacation :D
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