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So i was chatting with my old good friend irl who wanted to practice her English for some over the top important English-test next year, and had no one to talk to.. well exept me.. and you all pretty much know my level of expertise at this field [yeah low.. like that place where al the kaijus came from low] So i told her "Bb there is the place where you can post fandom and rl things and people will communicate with you in English and either you want it or not you will exercise.. ♫ Oh magical place of livejournal ♪"

Well basically i'm having a friending meme for a friend of mine rn.

Her name is Lada, she's from Ukraine [nice city by the sea and fancy stuff]. She's pretty much a tv junkie and a desperate book reader [i swear you guys she can read a freaking book in a day or two... i mean c'mon it takes me like a year to find something to read and i'm not even talking about actual reading process]. She adores Borgias, Criminal Minds and Teen Wolf [yeah that's the place where i figured out she belongs here] plus all those millions of tv shows that i can't even count and name. She's a real Tolkien girl [like that one time when i said that LotR was a bit boring to read and she almost ripped my limbs off.. well i mean you're on the other end of the screen so you shouldn't be afraid of that..]

Oh, she's also an english teacher for kids, so there might be some interesting stories and fun idk.

Basically if you don't mind being friendly to ricardianca, that would be really great :] The girl's gotta socialize :D
London Grammar - Strong

i want them to become very bIG, like florence+the machine big :D
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