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  • First of all - ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK!! Where is fandom? Where are icons? Why no one talks about this perfection!? I have only two epiodes left to watch and once again i really don't want to.. There are so many bold characters and you care for everybody! Though Red is a love of my life with her fake Russian/Ukranian accent and all the prison wisdoms. And Alex.. yeah bb got everything..

  • As for Steam Summer Sale - i got Awesomenautes [they were cheap and kinda fun], Bastion [basically yuo must have this one, it has on of the greatest narative in the video games of all time + SOUNDTRACK IS AWESOME!], Borderlands 2 [well it has this un feel to it, but i haven't played much yet], Bully [good old one], Deus Ex: human Revolution [IT WAS FREAKING 2$ I NEEDED THIS GAME IN MY LIFE!! though i haven't started it yet], Don't Starve [basically i die every other time but damn it is very neat looking survival managment minecraft-ish], Dota 2 [well it is free to play and i basically had no choice there, THOUGH I SUUUUCK], Hotline Miami [FUUUUUUUUUUN indie game with an awesome OST], Mirror's Edge [DUH, i need to finish that one day so i needed to download it legally one day or another and that was one of those days i guess], Portal 2 [well i need to have one legal copy]. Port Royale 3 [i like me some managment-ish game of pirates], Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 [well that was just me being silly and loving that game, who doesn't want to biuld his on theme park!?], Terraria [wbasically Minecraft 2D, and i pretty much suck at it to, but i be damned i will be good becaus the idea is awesome :D], The Last Remnant [basically the only JPRG for PC out there with great graphics], The Witcher 2 [it was like 5$ and i haven't finished it yet, so just another lagal copy of a game i've already olayed long time ago; though it ia amazing and the mythos of the world is very interesting], Tomb Raider [10/10, legal copy of an amazing game that i've already finished], To The Moon [have no idea bout this one but they say it is an amazng indie game with a grat plot]. 14 new-ish games. Well i might say i have some gaming problems. But i won't. And all that was for about 30-40$ in total, so my wallet is also happy.

  • PACIFIC RIM. That was perfection. Once again del Toro showed us all how things are done. Just pure perfection. That's it. [also Cherno Alpha, and Mako, and those scientist, and Luther, and biker jesus, and Ramin Djawadi's score] 9/10

  • R.I.P.D. So i went with my brother and it was pretty entertaining. Basically Men in Black but more in lines with my set o interests in urban fantasy. And that running gig with a blonde woman made me giggle all he time, yeah i am that shallow :} 7/10

  • I started reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and that's a pretty good ready i must say, though it can be rather lacking of things going on from time to time :]

That's pretty much it, anywho how you been doin'?
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