June 27th, 2008


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I come to you with a message of calm acceptance. It does not ring of wild grief and panic like the previous post did because ,unlike for the imperious giant that is biology, I actually faced the possibility of a decent grade for chemistry and literature ( it went a lot better than I imagined it would have as well, so perhaps all that agony was worth it). 

I am completely resigned to failing biology not just slightly, but utterly fabulously. I intend to do so with grace and finesse never seen before. There will be no insane swearing - only wild ecstatic joy that this is all OVER- all 100 of this monstrous15 per cent. This message comes from a land far beyond - from the vast desert that is apathy - where I suspect no productive and successful student of RJC ever did reside.

Do wish me luck. If I pass biology, I am going to grow a penis and impregnate various women with my genetic goods as soon as possible because, obviously, the world would be coming to an end.