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if you read ,you'll judge.
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Monday, May 19th, 2008

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The big post production one
Okay, I am so USELESS at summation. An hour and I don't feel better at it. My head just hurts.

Perhaps it's because I'm still thinking about college play. I'll miss all the times hanging out backstage - anish telling me stories about how a man died after having sex with a dolphin, nabil teaching me how to be fierce, torturing titus with 'what's the difference between a strap-on and a dildo?' jokes, rubbing bryan's hair, hugging hannah and being crazy with her, telling nat she looks like a lesbian woman, just laughing at  and with claire, talking about arbitrary beats, taking photos of people's noses and mr. booth's ear, being dead with mify, everyone telling me how hideous I look in my costume. The list goes on, really and it could be a thousand pages long and it still couldn't capture all that was awesome about college play. We started off extremely unsure and preparing ourselves for DOOM because we had such a short period of time and because we weren't particularly fond of the script. But everything pulled together in the end, camilla and farhana in the lights & sound ; lintong and sharon with their GENIUS costumes. Everyone was brilliant. The acting was great and I'm going to miss it so much.

There's this plummet back to reality after a production is done. For a week or two, your life surrounds the production. You do nothing else and even in your free time, you practice your lines ( 'you know he was drunk tonight', anyone? ) and you think about what kind of person your character might be. You just live and breathe it and nothing else matters. But then when it's over, it's just a really strange feeling. It's like as if you've been off daydreaming and now you have to be practical and realistic and think about exams and assignments and everything else just has to go off in flakes.

Thank you for everyone who came down to support me and for being there for me! Even if you did try to distract me (see tow and slau!!!!) while I was trying to be serious and dead. It really means a lot and I was really really touched at the end of the night because of the notes and the flowers and everything, really. So, thank you and I love you all.

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