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if you read ,you'll judge.
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Sunday, April 20th, 2008

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Okay. So, after my lovely devendra post, I was supposed to do my PI and Maths Assignment. However, I happen to be the queen of unproductivity and I decided to change my layout. I really like it. So fuck it. It's  time well spent. 

But the trouble with dreams
they’re not what they seem
‘cause when you awake
they fall through your fingers
In flakes
- Flakes, Mystery Jets

The Mystery Jets' new album ,Twenty One, is amazing, It's drenched in beautiful melodies and quaint boy-meets-girl stories. It's delightfully catchy, yet introspective.The only criticism I have of it is that some of the songs on the album seem rather out of place with their new sound. Either way, it'll be on loop for a while now. Blaine's emotive vocals need to keep me company while I do attempt to do work. Procrastination seems to be a recurring theme in my life. 

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