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if you read ,you'll judge.
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Sunday, April 13th, 2008

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I know this is a very delayed reaction, because it has been 4 years since I first listened to Franz Ferdinand and 3 years since that monumental gig with melissa yoong and claire, but I have never realised how incredibly sexy alex kapranos' voice is. Don't get me wrong, Nick Mccarthy is still my favourite - I could never stop loving his german buns of steel. But, Alex's voice is just so deep and smouldering and I think it's partially in the way he draws his words. Either way, I feel like as if I have finally seen the light &  I have 'swallow, smile' to thank for this.
At the same time, I guess it's hard not to sound sexy when you're singing about blowjobs and anger.

Come on let's fight let's feel alive
It's the only feeling I've kept towards you
That resembles any passion, any tremble, any word,
I'll take and turn it, twist and pissed-on, I'll return it
Give me more, give me, I'll swallow, swallow, swallow, smile

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