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if you read ,you'll judge.
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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

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 I am setting off for class camp tomorrow. There's a rope course involved. I think with the brilliant combination of my lack of upper body strength and my extreme fear of heights, I'm pretty much fucked.
I checked the weather forecast and it's  USELESS. For EVERY SINGLE DAY, they write, "chance of a thunderstorm". LIKE THAT'S GOING TO BLOODY HELP.
I HAVEN'T EVEN PACKED YET.I'M SRSLY DREADING THIS. I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULD NEVER GO BACK TO PULAU UBIN AFTER OBS. It was fun and all but ,like eddie argos of art brut shouts during 'bang bang rock &roll', ONCE IS ENOUGH!!!

In other news, the reunion at STARBUCKS was amazing. I really miss you guys so much. I see you in school ( well, except for the traitors Melissa Yoong and Olivia Ho)  and all but nothing beats hanging out together and having coffee.

Although, everyone knows of my EMBARRASSING SECRET now. I'll assure you lot that things Have Not Got Better.

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