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Who cares

Ms. G Spot
31 July
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I am Mariel. MareBare.

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These are the bones of the lucky man
he did everything that you can
he waisted no time or energy
he lived a life of luxury
he was born a poorly soul
and threw his life he had
one goal
the only thing that he could see
death and destiny
he never gave it another thought
he only looked for what he'd sought
for all the while he knew he'd find, a little pieace of pieace of mind
a little pieace of mind. set outa time
there are no secrets to his life
do what you do but do it right
he told you things you need to hear
he knew all of your fears
he tryed to tell you how to live
told of the things youd have to give
you sarafice your vanity suicide or sanity
he never gave it another thought...
no one gets out of here alive
no one living is gunna survive
when will you realize all your friends are gunna die
these are the bones of the lucky man
he did everything that you can
no need for tears at his funeral
his word was wish and its to you all
- (These are the bones of the) lucky man
black donnellys-


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my favourite bands:
3tards, 4skins, 7 seconds, 999, a global threat, abrasive wheels, action, adam ant, adicts, adolescents, antics!, bikni kill, black donnelys, black flag, blitz, blondie, circle jerks, clit 45, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, combat 84, condemned 84, conflict, crass, damned, dead boys, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, defiance, devotchkas, dir en grey, distillers, donnas,dwarves, exploited, fear, flipper, forgotten rebels, fugazi, gbh, germs, gg allin, grey matter, hole, iggy pop, leftover crack, lower class brats, minor threat,nausea, negative approach, new york dolls, nirvana, oi polloi, oi! scouts, oxymoron, panty christ, plasmatics, ramones,skrewdriver, social distortion, social unrest, sonic youth, sub humans, the crowd, tori amos, total chaos, toxic narcotic, toy dolls, ugly chix, uk subs, unseen, vandals, varukers, voids, voltaire, waisted youth, xray spex