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hip hip hooray for me. you talk to me. but would you kill me in my sleep. [entries|friends|calendar]
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[10 Nov 2004|11:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

im so cool.

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[09 Nov 2004|08:21pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

school wasnt half bad today. interesting.

my hair cut was shorter. dramatic, dramatic. thats all i need. well i have not much to say. as usual. no school thursday. thank gosh..

well darlins, comment and say you love me. you know you do.


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[08 Nov 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

OH MY GOSH. from first to last and boys night out at jerrys on december 10th. someone is going with me. i swear i will go by myself, if i have to.(which i dont want to, but if thats the case, trust me i will)..

school sucks. west sucks. my mom is backn out of callin west for and interdistrict transfer to south.. so thats goin down the TOILET. poo.

im really cold right now. gettin my hair cut shorter. oh yeah. i loved the o.c. by the way. was grand.  im trying not to think about the fact that i missed by bestest friends bleed the dream the other day...boo freaken hoo.

well "im not aloud to spend my money on the new used cd" is what my mom told me today. even though she didnt give me the money. so yeah, that hurts a tid bat. and yes i did write tid bad like that on purpose.

well my lovliest of friends. gotts to bounce.



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glad to be back. [05 Nov 2004|11:09pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

ok put your cleanex away, and stop crying, im back. sorry i havent updated in forever. my computer is been jacked up. went to a football game tonight, with justine and stephanie, and all thur friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE. oh i also saw Jazzzy fizzle and lacey. woot woot.

i have to change schools, i hate west. wanna go to south. kristi will kill me though. i cant believe kill radio is coming tomorrow and i wont be there. talk about breakdown. for sure.

well peoples, and lovas, i gotts to go, im tired.


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[17 Oct 2004|03:46pm]
[ mood | headache ]

saturday i went to the movies with kristi her lova zach, zachs stupid boyfriend justin, and there friend whose name i dont know. saw Friday Night Lights. that was actually a pretty good movie. better than i thought it would be.

i got my hair cut. its rather short in the back. longer in the front.

i love when i have so much to say on an update, that i tell you all i got a haircut.

ok i know from first to last is playin at the dome, but when are they playing at jerrys, and when is bleed the dream playin at jerrys. I HAVE to see bleed the dream, and have to see from first to last, and i dont really want to go to the dome to see them.

better at jerrys.

your friend,


ha oh my gosh that was so lame.

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[15 Oct 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | blah ]

this sucks. i didnt go to souths homecoming. didnt go to the movies. didnt go to centennial. but ya know what i did to. i stayed home. on the computer.

well ahem. im cutting my hair shorter. its right below my chin but still on my neck. and im going to get it "shaped" tomorrow. i also didnt get to go see blood & kisses tonight. just lovely, i promised the drummer and his HOT friend that i would go. but i didnt. instead i stayed at home, instead of going to jerrys or any football game. man i miss jerrys......

well lacey you suck cause your going to see the used. im serious about taking a jar and filling it with ATREYU SWEAT.

well guys and gals, peace.



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[ mood | cold ]

i asked justine if she wanted to go to the salvation army with me today, but she said she couldnt, so i got to do nothing. we had a stupid assembly at school today. courtney sat right behind me, and she put her camera in my face, and took a really close up picture of me. scurred to see what that looks like.

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[09 Oct 2004|11:26am]
[ mood | amused ]

HOMECOMING was fun. i saw colton, and finally JOSH didnt ditch me and lacey. and i saw STEPHANIE. and we danced. and ARACELY..and justine and lacey and kristi.

oh oh oh oh i saw the drummer from blood and kisses, and he was with this really really hot guy that me and lacey saw earlier.. and so i had to go talk to him, and he was really nice, he gave me a hug, and told me to come to their next show, on the 15TH. which i will go. and the really really hot guy, was just really hot, and he said bye to me when he left.

kenny was there. oh gosh he is too much for me. we took alot alot of pictures, im afraid to see what lacey is going to post. i look high in all of them, im not, i just look a tid bit weird. next friday im going to souths homecoming with lacey. fun . fun. well i took lots of pictures.... im sorry none of them are digital though. *tears...

i dont know what im going to do today....................... bummer.

peace lovas.

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[07 Oct 2004|08:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

oh oh my arms hurt so bad. gay pushups.

look at this beyond way cool picture of the awesome la vie en rose, that i found on myspace. (by the way i hate my space) if you live in bakersfield and you havent seen la vie en rose, im so sorry. they are sooo wonderful. b-e-a-utiful Renuk. oh gosh i love him. hes really nice too.

little vanessa is too good for homecoming, but i guess she has an ok enough reason not to go. shes goin to see this plain morning. she '"pinky promised" me that she would bring me back a pick..lallala

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[06 Oct 2004|03:55pm]
[ mood | tired. ]

i got my ears pierced again. and it really did hurt, cause my mom got the gun stuck.. i was tryin to go for the nose, but my mom was like, uhhh.. no. so i just left it at that.  

i cant write for long, gotta watch oprah. dont laugh. i love that show. must see the used.... must see the used when they are here.. and from first to last when they are at the dome, cause i kinda dont want to see them at jerrys. i dont really know why though.  friday is homecoming. it better be fun.  then i suppose im going to souths in a few weeks. with LACEY.

i want to go to station 3:16 on saturday to see nevada sky. they are really great.. there is a dance at school tonight, but im almost positive its gonna be real gay. there was a huge sign on the school that said "gettin jiggy wit it" dance on wednesday" so that pretty much changed my mind completely, other than the fact that i didnt want to go in the first place.


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[03 Oct 2004|03:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

ahh it feels nice to have a new lj.

say that you love me

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