April 15th, 2007

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Today was another boring day.

I basically did nothing, i woke up at a reasonable hour though..10:30 to eat pancakes with my family. After that i had...nothing to do really. I rewrote some bio notes into a book, then i played some Mario Kart on the DS with my sister. Then i went crazy and started looking for my water colors. WHERE ARE THEY?! i had two sets of really good watercolors in a drawer full of art supplies. somehow everything went missing, my watercolors, brushes, some acrylics, and my oil pastels. its really depressing. all i could find was an elementary set of art supplies, my tracing paper and primsmacolored pencils. this makes me sad, whoever took my art supplies give em back!

So after my weird phsyco search for my missing art supplies i settled with the elementary set and got my sketchbook out. I wanted to do something with the watercolors, even though they were of terrible quality. At first it looked amazing, but then as i added, and tried to fix details it got worse..and worse...and disgusting. my scanner is terrible, and now it looks like complete ughness.

it's terrible...and thats just a preview.

I really wanted to go out and buy some Indian Ink in B&W and a nice brush. but alas, the WEATHER has been CRAZAY. In the corner room of the house it feels like it's going to be blown down. The lights flickered on and off alot today, it was scary. its suppose to be the same thing tomorrow... how depressing. D:
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