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Happppyy New Year!

Does anyone still remember me? It's been FOREVER since I last updated....specifically however many days between November 22 and Now.

Not much has happened. I fixed up our super old computer and customized it to my liking. It was far to stupid to update anything. So I gave up.

It was a merry christmas though! After an agonizing couple of weeks in school Winter break finally came....it wasn't much...it only lasted for a week and a day. We go back tomorrow! *sob*

I was suppper good and santa gave me plenty. Underneath the tree for me was:
This laptop, a tablet, nintendo ds lite,a new cellphone, animal crossing, a cd full of sexy fernando pictures, final fantasy XII, spirited away, fullmetal alchemist and super monkey ball (ds), a coat, and flamenco dress. Family and friends also gave me various clothes and gift cards. hurrah!

We might return my laptop, i'm noticing some more power problems (darn you HP!). My tablet...is amazing! i can't wait to draw draw draw so expect updates...even though they may suck. I haven't stopped playing on my DS. it's is amazingly awesome. Animal Crossing is amazing too. Ask for my friend code if you want!

I also finished Life of Pi today. It was a suprisingly good book despite the extremely slow beginning.

Now i can't wait for our midterm week in two more weeks! With the christmas money i got i'm planning on buying Gintama off of ebay or something. Bleach fillers are almostt done which means i'm going to have to download some of that. lol i'll probably beging to update more now that i have my own computer. As for now i have to get ready for school (ughh)

Have a happy and healthy new year everyone!! <3
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