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[nyra school]

psh sophomore year of high school WEST (dont mess) has begun. First day was Wensday. Muchooooo excited because i have friends with me. but its odd. my scheduale has only one group of my friends... my other friends have disappeared no classes with me. =[ its sad since i love them all so much. On the other hand, my teachers this year are pretty cool. This is the third day of school but hey... at least they're not hippies. trust me you don't want that. ap world? eh i got lucky i have my old teacher and thats cool.. but same old same old. english actually seems like it's going to be FUN this year... not a beating from hell... hippy hell. orchestra after 2 years!! w00t! ap bio.... please kill me now. t'was the second day and i was already asleep. spanish. psh facil. fui a espana en el verano pasado y hablo espanol mucho en mi casa con mis abuelos. muy muyy facil. drawing... HELL YES finally! that was easy too. then math... wow i have quite a few friends there and our teacher... well she's something else.

what i hate about school? Freshmen fo sho. they're ALL sluts and live in abercromie.. they are really annoying... can you believe today on the bus one pushed me in my seat and sat down? i mean what happened to... is anyone sitting here? yea manners please. and i'm not sure if they're freshmen or not but i saw at least 2 possible 3 kids with Naruto headbands... new fad? think not. can't wait to see them in anime club :|

btw. homework kills
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