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my summers been okay so far. Must start...summer...reading...rawr. D:
I've been to busy with my artsy stuff.
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School has actually been...uneventful, with the exception of "the joke" in English.

Tomorrow all the english honors kids are going to go to the city from 1-11pm to do stuff. Why? Who cares!

Right now i'm in the process of downloading the iPod converter, because i like watching videos on my iPod. Death Note 27 was FDOAJFDASIODSJFSAO LOVE ♥ ♥. it never fails to awe me, whoever made this was a genius.

Packing for our field trip (because i'm a nerdphsycoover excitedalways perpared )
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Today was a pretty DEPRESSING day. I only slept 2 HOURS last night. It was SO scary. i finished everything i needed to do last night around 10 and i felt like my roof was going to blow off. So i sat with my iPod on trying to block out the noise, and i read my Learn Japanese book until 11:50. then i turned off the lights and tried to sleep. It didn't work. My sleeping music playlist went through twice and it still wasn't working. So i took it off and tried to sleep. That didn't work either so after half an hour i looked around the house for headphones. Everyone was asleep and it sounded so scary outside. I didn't find them and i was up till 3:30 tossing and turning.

It wasn't that bad in the morning. I was freezing in the morning, and my dad understood so he let me sleep for 10 minutes more. School went on as usual. English Honors is all excited for our "trip to the city" from 1 pm to MIDNIGHT?! D: on THURSDAY!? ftw. i'm either going to be dead on the busride home or REALLY hyper. only time will tell. I suprisingly didn't sleep in school, or drift off during lessons either, i'm proud!

During math, the class with the teacher i hate broke us some...interesting and terrible news. So we're taking a test, and i'm actually concentrating, i DONT want to get below a B+ this quater. i can do better i know it. So then she goes "oh does anyone have family in Virgina Tech?" and everyone was kinda like....? some people were like oh i know people. And so our teacher was like "well as long as none of you have imidiate family members i might as well tell you that the second columbine is going on!" and the whole class kinda looked at her and stared like she had three heads or something. WHY would you tell us that when we're taking a test?! WHY WHY WHY?! she's the devils spawn i tell you! then she added "oh to make you more depressed i have your quater grades ~♥" .........GREAT?!

I feel Virgina Tech masscre is terrible, so this is our generation? this is how we deal? Instead of talking things out people get guns and go on shooting rampages. NO! it's not suppose to be like that!! like they say in kindergarden, share... share your problems with a therapist so no one else has to die... you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got really scared for my cousin, who's a freshman in W&M. We im'd her and she said her friends there were safe, so we're happy she doesn't have to suffer. My heart goes out to families of the victims.

After dinner my dad took me and my sister (AGH!) out to get "art supplies". my sister just needed a sketchbook for her 6th grade art. I was veryyy happy. I got an atlas of the anatomy book, India Ink, and more drawing ink, bamboo brushes, and Pigma pens.
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Today was another boring day.

I basically did nothing, i woke up at a reasonable hour though..10:30 to eat pancakes with my family. After that i had...nothing to do really. I rewrote some bio notes into a book, then i played some Mario Kart on the DS with my sister. Then i went crazy and started looking for my water colors. WHERE ARE THEY?! i had two sets of really good watercolors in a drawer full of art supplies. somehow everything went missing, my watercolors, brushes, some acrylics, and my oil pastels. its really depressing. all i could find was an elementary set of art supplies, my tracing paper and primsmacolored pencils. this makes me sad, whoever took my art supplies give em back!

So after my weird phsyco search for my missing art supplies i settled with the elementary set and got my sketchbook out. I wanted to do something with the watercolors, even though they were of terrible quality. At first it looked amazing, but then as i added, and tried to fix details it got worse..and worse...and disgusting. my scanner is terrible, and now it looks like complete ughness.

it's terrible...and thats just a preview.

I really wanted to go out and buy some Indian Ink in B&W and a nice brush. but alas, the WEATHER has been CRAZAY. In the corner room of the house it feels like it's going to be blown down. The lights flickered on and off alot today, it was scary. its suppose to be the same thing tomorrow... how depressing. D:
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Finally Friday!

w00tage. I basically chilled all day and did nothing really. We reviewed holocaust day, took a test on Macbeth (FINALLY FINISHED IT!) and I did nothing in bio, took a test in spanish (psh) talked to my friends, did math hw, and drew during study hall, and didn't pay attention in math.

I didn't have to water plants today, yesterday was my last until the plant guy goes away again... hello large and totally undesereved paycheck!!! I also babysat today, more income!

So i was listening to the kids on the block while sitting on a step outside my house, despite it being freakin' -30 degrees in april. i think we're having the winter weather in the wrong place, mother nature...i think you need a new calendar. It was like 60 degrees here in december. So anyway, tons of the kids were cursing and stuff, i hate that stuff even though i'm sometimes guilty of it myself. Excessive use of curses isn't going to guarantee you instant popularity, make you cooler, stronger, its just useless. < / rant >

OH OH speaking of useless! i found Dramatic in the piano version! isn't that FANTASTIC?! i'm OBSESSED with this series. i ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ it TILL DEATH DUE US PART! oh i can't find the second season on dvd...the suspense might KILL ME D:
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I-CON 26 <3

OMG I-CON...it was freakin awesome! i'm waiting for my friend to send me pictures, then i'll post them here! I got lots of stuff and had fun :D. Even though it was a week ago... opps..

Anyway I've been preoccupying myself with Twilight Its an amazing book, i was wayy too hooked on it and ended up finishing it and its sequel in 4 days... hehe. i can't wait for Eclipse to come out O_O i'm going to borders that morning to get it. So i've been ranting about it to my friends and ranting to myself, and having strange fantasies of Edward coming and omg its just such a great book... its my favorite!!! ♥
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The forever long lasting midterm crunch month. The time of the year when teachers insist you study till your little brains bleed of school work. First day back and thats exactly what we did...dun dun dun

I've resolved to work harded in school EVEN IF IT COST ME MY LIFE....not that hard. I got home tired as ever. I nearly fell asleep today in spanish too. So I slouched down on the table and began to work. Doing all the work i put off during the break which was all due tomorrow... i still haven't finished... *sob* I still have to do some weird character thing...oh well.

I finished all my homework and began to help my mom translate something for our neighbor who was doing business in spain. It was....long. We ate dinner and i went online and downloaded...stuff. Specifically Kanon, D.Grayman and Death Note...when do i start downloading Bleach again? I CANT WAIT!!!! they better not screw it up.

D.gray man....FTW fillers already?! thats so messed up!! *sob* I've been trying my tablet...this is what i came up with...

Look! It's a plane! It's a bird! It's....Kanda?Collapse )
Ok so now i'm off to finish homework...bye byee!
I swear i'm not d.gray man crazy... honestly!