Святой (pastor_rk_) wrote,


А и пофигу...
- I know your destiny, Stranger - she paused, and finished - your destiny - and raise the other to remain in their prison.
- Why can not I leave my prison?
- Because you have died at birth, Stranger. And what do you call "life" - this is your fee for the "birth".
- When I burst into tears, Wise?
- Never.
Stranger smiled.
- You just do not know, the Wise. So I'm right. And my fate is in there somewhere. On my road.
Stranger sat on his bike, wearing a helmet, visor lowered, so that no one could see his eyes. The last time looked at the wise and squeezed gas. The bike slowly budged, showering a woman with dust on the highway and disappeared into the sunset ...
Tags: тексты
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