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06 December 2007 @ 06:24 pm
On Tuesday we had a BOMB THREAT at school. That was interesting. Wednesday I didn't get to sleep in during my spare since it was the awards assembly and my parents made me go just so they could see me go up and accept my awards and be all embarrassed. IT'S FUCKING COLD OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I could get dressed warmly enough so i won't be cold. it is just really bone-chillingly cold out. Therefore i have a cold. UGHHHHHHHHH I hate being sick! Earlier my ears got plugged and it felt like i was on a plane. My mom looked in my ears and all she saw was wax. I was personally disgusted!

So I has lots of work over the break! i'm so excited! I'll be Ms. Moneybags! I am actually working 4 days each week. AKA 8 DAYS OUT OF 14. dfh auiasfuiasdfa i just want to sleep now.
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02 November 2007 @ 05:18 pm


Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! I know i am going to DIE of laughter!!! I'll get a six pack, I'm pretty sure.
Hmmmmm so for Halloween i was a circus freak. Well, i didn't dress to be that, i just layered a million items of clothes and put on weird make-up and hair doo dads and then at school my friend called me a circus freak. and so i was. and then my friends picked me up-did a little trick-or-treating, handed out/ate candy and then went cosmic bowling!!! we were the only ones dressed up to it was a little embarrassing...BUT FUN! i officially SUCK at bowling. no joke.
today was a p.a. day so i did nothing! just homework and electrolysis. And i woke up at 8:30-which was super duper frustrating!!! and then tomorrow i have work. But work is good. It's so dead in the bank and so all the tellers just talk. And they are all in university so I'm the youngest...but they didn't know i was in high school until i told them!!! I think i should eat some candy now!!!
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05 October 2007 @ 12:50 pm
So I slept through CSI last night. damn i'm stupid!!!
And when i was getting off the subway with my friend yesterday like 5 girls swarmed us and my friend was being so stupid trying to "solve the issue" and walking on side streets and running and all that shit. so dumb. WALK AWAY/IGNORE, MAIN STREETS, WALK CALMLY!!!!!!!!!! so today me and mummy are off to Buffalo!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! my dad bought USD$1000 yesterday and it cost EXACTLY CND$1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the line ups at the boarder are going to be in-fucking-sane. BUT I DON'T CARE AS LONG AS I GET MY TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooh and bath and body works. oh man, i love that store. LEAVING IN 40 MIN. WHAT WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao I'm really excited.
but as i was walking home from the bus today (we had a half day because of commencement) i started to cry becuase I just miss my sister and niece so damn much! but our tickets are booked and we're leaving to South Africa on March 8!!! super excited or that!!!!!!
hope everyone has a very nice long weekend!
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02 October 2007 @ 08:12 pm
So I have a chem. tutor that I'm going to tomorrow for the first time. apparently she has her masters and is going for her PhD in the science/math department...so i think she qualified.
I have about 100 pages of a book to read and write a comprehensive journal about for thursday. think it'll be done? I sure damn hope so. Gossip Girl was tonight. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! so it defintely is not following the book, but honestly, I don't care. It's just so good. The drama, i don't know. the only shows I've ever been addicted to were CSI and Survivor. Neither have drama so i think I need a drama show...and i LOOOOOOOOOOVE it!!! this weekend is thanksgiving weekend aka SHOPPING IN BUFFALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The line-ups to get back into Canada are apparently HUGE, but that sounds reasonable. and they are busting more and more people at the boarder for claiming less than they have. whatever. I'm going to buy lots :)
so yesterday during gym class, someone stole my iPod and October bus/subway pass (metropass), my friend's video iPod, another friend's pack of cigarettes and $22.00, another's $25 and another's $40. The police are comeing tomorrow for gym class and we already know who it most likely was. she's been fucking after me since grade 9 when she stole $20 from me on 2 occasions ($40 in total). that girl is gonna get it. FINALLY!!! she was expelled two years ago and now she's back...but not for long if i can help it.
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28 September 2007 @ 11:55 pm
So the CSI premiere was on last night...probably one of the most memorable moments in my life!!! It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! My friend and i were DYING!!! it was the best. and it brought back so many memories, since we also watched the finale together. Those might have been some of the best days of my life. May 17-21, 2007...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could live those days again. ANYWAYS, during a commercial of CSI my work called me and asked me to come in tonight and I said sure. So I worked from 4-8:30 tonight, right after school. I got changed into my work clothes in the school washroom. not the most pleasant experience. But then my friend drove me to work so it was fine. this weekend is going to be SO stressful. So I have work tomorrow morning, and then I need/want to do some shopping. I have to find a chemistry tutor ASAP, return a library book, do chem work and lab, go to a university fair, read and keep a journal for English, read/highlight/answer questions for Issues in human growth and development, do math review questions since there is a test on Monday. All this has to be done by Sunday night at a reasonable time. God help me lol. and speaking of god...we are going to read the bible in English class...? If i wanted to read the bible I'd go to a Catholic school. I really don't think it's at all appropriate for a public school. I guess this weekend won't be a very social one...poo. I love being social, when I get the chance.
OOOOOOOOOOOH and when I went to V-Fest I got these ticket things for 6 free downloads from iTunes, so I already took down two songs, even though I could have used limewire, but I may as well use my free songs before they expire. I got "Stronger" by Kanye West (why is it that I LOVE techno?), and this Read me mind remix that I couldn't find on limewire, so the coupon things can to some good use.
UGGGGGH work has been stressing me out latly because...I was trained at a branch near me, right? but i haven't worked there since so they are going to "terminate my employment" if I don't get attached to another branch. and the lady from my training branch sent this while I was on vacation so I didn't know about the situation till about last week. And I do have a branch I can attach to but the termination will start on Monday and that branch can't do anything by Monday...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! this is driving me BONKERS!!!!!!!!!!
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19 September 2007 @ 09:21 pm
So sister and niece are gone......SO SAD. I have to get back to my normal life: work, school, homework, friends...oh well.....
Gossip girl was last night...I'm gonna watch it again next week, let's say. but there were qyite a few casting errors and a couple story errors, but whatever.
CSI TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M FUCKING SHITTING MY PANTS I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! i really can't wait.
today i had a major freak out when my friends told me that I missed a 3 month long project and am paired with a furry eyebrow wierd guy. they went full out on this joke. i was crying, and swearing like a trucker in the hallways. but i went to the teacher after school and she said they were joking. thank god. but i was really.......upset if you will.
On the Thanksgiving weekend me and mommy are going to Buffalo!!! We haven't gone since last thanksgiving, so we have some serious shopping to do (mainly at TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). and it's SO good this year especially because the Canadian dollar is really going up. so it's basically one to one. The last time i checked I think it was like CND$1.07 or 03 for USD$1.00 but that was like a month ago. SO THAT MEANS WE CAN BUY MORE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 September 2007 @ 04:18 pm
So...Yesterday I went to V Fest...and I saw The Killers!!! plus numerous other bands. BUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM :) it was really fun! I had never been to a festival before!!! And of course, The Killers were faaantastic!!!
So I have officially entered my last year of high school!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!! But I really hate my english teacher. Kinda want him to die. It also feels really different since 2 of my best friends left to a different school. sucks, but whatever, what can you do about it? hmmm, oh and my sister and niece came back here from Cape Town about 3 weeks ago! only one more week till they go home :( but i try not to think about it. it's been so much fun! my niece is 10 months old and is so cute you could die! she does her baby talk and it's so die for!!!
Today was also my friend's birthday. I kind of went overboard. i spent $145 :S but she really liked it and i'm so happy! so this weekend, she's having a party and we're gonna go to dinner,a movie, laser quest!!! Maybe we'll have some fun with laser quest as well ;)!!! ooooooh i'm excited! Hmmmmm my life is so uninteresting! Next week the season premier of CSI is on..... that's super exciting!!!!!!
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15 August 2007 @ 12:13 pm
Stupid phone.
So me and my friend are trying to commit to walk together for about half and hour and then fun for 10 minutes and then walk for another 10 minutes every night. So last night we went and I always carry my phone, right? and I carry my phone in my bra all the time and there has never been a problem. So we are running and then we get back to her house. we chill and whatever. and then I take out my phone to check the time and it's off! and i never turned it off. so I turn it on and it goes right back off. So I'm fucking freaking out cuz I love that phone and it was expensive and my parents said if I break it then I have to buy a new one! SO I get home and have the worst sleep ever. And while I'm sleeping i put it in the charger (even though it was fully charged when I left to go running). then i wake up early this morning and it still doesn't work. So I go to the Rogers store and they try to fix it but they can't! so they send it off to Samsung (I have a one year warranty and I got it in march) and give me a replacement phone in the meantime. And it's exactly the same phone (but in black) that I broke in March!!! I missed my old phone! but they gave it to me in THE CRAPPIEST condition you could ever imagine. all scratched and nasty stickers on it (that are peeling off and leaving sticky shit). So I go to add my contacts and I see there are already like a bazillion contacts!!! THEY NEVER ERASED THE PAST NUMBERS! So i have to erase them all and I have a couple of numbers on there. they said it would take a week to a week and a half AT THE MINIMUM to get it fixed. And they might have to erase all the numbers/pictures on my phone! and that pisses the shit out of me. I fucking hate it when my phone breaks! well, this is only my second phone (my first one drowned in a juice/pop mixture in my bag :(). FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!
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14 August 2007 @ 04:22 pm
bored bored bored. work work work. 8 more days until my sister and niece come home for 4 weeks! frustrated frustrated frustrated. One friend is making me want to die of frustration. everything she does pisses me off. but she owes be $15. All she does is eat my food, uses my money, wants EVERYTHING her way, ditches me, is late for us getting together, makes a mess of my house and wakes me up when I'm sleeping.
And I found the coolest 2 books EVER! you know in the all American Rejects music video "dirty little secret"? and there are those postcards? yeah, i found 2 books FILLED with those postcards!!! Some of them are sooooo funny, some are sad, some are...odd, some are inspiring. I love them. I want them. but one of them is $25 the other is $35. I'll get them someday!!!

I made deer humpCollapse )

It feels so weird being at home. I haven't been home for the summer since 2003. And right now, everyone at camp is packing. Tomorrow they are coming home. i also know they are showering and straightening their hair and putting on make up, etc. they are also going to finish up their weed and alcohol tonight. I remember this night last year as if it were yesterday. My first time on caffiene pills plus someone's alcohol. I'm kinda dissapointed at my summer so far. I was really hoping to have a summer filled with just going out with friends, like what my friends did last year when i was at camp. but instead it was working a lot, and being with friends occasionally. It's so nice out today and I've been inside all day. I really wanted to go to the islands. I haven't been in so long!
Kinda pisses me off that I didn't take a course this summer! If i had known that I would quit camp I would have done one, maybe two! My friend got her grade 12 english credit online, another in Costa Rica. Another went all ever Europe and got her english and a business credit. Another went all over Italy and got 2 art credits. And here I am. Having all my grade 12 credits to do in grade 12. this sucks! BUT AT LEAST IT'S MY LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!
And last thursday when I was working, the guy I was helping asked for my name. I told him. I wasn't wearing my name tag, so it made sense! And then since I am pretty new to being a teller I need to get my supervisor to authorize any transaction over $500. So she came over and did what she had to do. All the while the guy was winking at me! And then my supervisor left and I asked the customer if there was anything else I could do for him and he said, "yeah, can I have your number?" WTF?! this is a place of business! Obviously I declined (he was kinda really ugly as well), saying "ummm, no". then he asked if I lived around the area and I said sorta. So he left and said see ya around. UMMMM NO NO NO. I should have given him a fake number lmao.
And the fucking bank ripped me off on my first paycheck! they only paid me from July 12-25. WHEN I STARTED ON JULY 11!!! and then they only gave my 70 hours when I clearly worked at least 80 hours! And I'm too scared to go in and tell them they owe me about 100 bucks. grrr.
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02 August 2007 @ 09:15 pm
Lots of work this summer!!! and that means lots of money!!!!!! YESSSSS
but it's been great! I went to Wonderland and since my friend has diabetes it counts as a disability (???) so we didn't have to wait in any lines!!!!!! I can never wait in a line again now. and I made lasagna a few nights ago!!! it was actually really good! I LOVE COOKING!!! so my friend's birthday was a month ago but she wants so have a birthday dinner to get presents lmfao so she tried to organize one last weekend but she failed. so I'm organizing it for this monday night and so far people are going to come! and I'm cooking!!!!!!!!! the whole meal!!!! Gaspatcho, rosemarry kebabs, mango salad, pasta salad, lemon mouse, and cake!!! I want to do more but my parents won't let me...oh well! and my parents aren't home all this weekend either! but WOW it's hot out! it was like almost 40 degrees NOT including humidity!!! I think I lost about 20 pounds worth of sweat...gross. AND on Tuesday night i went to bed at 11:30, right? The next time i look at the clock it's freaking 1:40 pm!!! i slept SOOOOO long. i don't think i've ever slept in that late in my life!!! hmmmmm I think I'm going to jump in the freezer now!!!
I hear: The Killers- Read my mind