lets have sex and get married

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Omg!!!!OH MY GOD
jesse reads my livejournal *weirded out* im gunna make mine friends only, right away, cuz jesse is gunna go show all his fuckbuddies. i mean, friends.
anyways, today was alright
i went xmas shopping! WOOT
my mom and dad are out, and im not allowed on the internet incase the call >.<
but what ever

---ARGH! ITS NOT WORKING Y.Y can some one make my journal friends only for me??? PLEASE>?!
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lets have sex and get married

hallo? is this wallmart? i need some toilet paper? what? my mom? mommy?!

went over to nicolski's and hung out with Amor and Krystle, it was alot of fun ^_^  thank you krystle for my kick butt christmas present, i love it very much. we had a bon fire, and smores!! SMORES! love em. then we just started burning random things, and became pyro-manicas. but it was fun.  prank called a bajillion people, but most of them didnt answer Y.Y but it was fukin hillarious. we went ding-dong-ditching, but we didnt actually do that. just ran down the street singing the pokemon (yes, pokemon) theme song. it was hillarious XD. then we went on nicole's boat, into the middle of the lake and sung christmas songs and the pokemon song XD we had a hard time getting back, but we did it!OMG. fun dip & bubbles (yeah, you read that right) taste AWSOME! GO AND TRY SOME NOW. it was the awsome nicolski' idea ;D . poor amor waws being kinda emo-ish Y.Y iyou feel better amor, i love you dearly!! well tonight was awsome, i had alot of fun and it was spent with kick ass people


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lets have sex and get married

₪ these lies to my brain feel like a gun to my head...

 i just got up from a loooong nap, i was soooooo tired. had taco bell for lunch, yum ^.^   ....  i have yet to go x-mas shopping for people, but i will prolly do that later today or tomorrow before i go to genesis' house. today has been an unintresting day, nothing worth mentioning has happened. ONE WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!! and im so excited ^.^
if anyone wants to get me something, here are some ideas:
*a barrel of floss
*to wads of glue, to be my friends
*a spaceship
okay, just kidding... i dont really want any of that, neither does any sane person. ahhh, last weekend i re arranged my room, and it looks so kick ass, to me. i havent had a get together at my house in for-frekkin-ever so i presume that i will do something on thursday, cuz there is no school on thursday... yay for winter break ^.^   or prehaps i will wait untill after christmas, i dont know. i need some CDs, cuz i just realized that litterally, all of my cd's except for three are burned. wow. and i dont have that many good ones at all. *hint hint* ~_^ heh heh heh .. *yawn* ... there isnt anything to eat or drink in my house. unless i suddenly get into the mood for oil and garlic. which i can assure you wont happen anytime soon ..........*more dots*......
i love the used so very much. cuz you all needed to know that ...right? yeah.
 my brother, michael, is such a wigger its annoying. yeahhh...
I want a new LJ name. im not happy with this one. at all. huh.

good bye for now my pretty(ies)

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lets have sex and get married

...slit my wrists and block my eyes...

if it werent for the wonderful LAUNCH on yahoo, i would never see music videos. cuz my dumb brothers decided to watch too much TV, and then my dad took awy your cable Y.Y but that was when i was in 5th grade. haha..
its wayyyyyy to early . way way to early. only 10:10am and family is alredy at eachothers throats, or rather, my throat..
i hate my brothers. i can honestly say that. they start things over the most petty reasons. my youngest brother, kevin, was laying in my moms bed with her, then i came in and layed with them cuz i wanted to talk to my mom about going to genesis' tomorrow/today(not sure which one it is) and my brother was complaining that i was taking the covers, then he started poking my with his feet, his col feet, HIS GROSS FEET.. I HATE FEET!!! they are so nasty and .. *barf*, a/w that set me off, so i kicked him back, mom started yelling, and its all just so stupid.
so naturally, i get in trouble, so i lock myself in my room and alinate myself from the rest of this thing called "family"
they are wrapping christmas presents now, at least tahts what it sounds like. but i dont care, what-the fuck-ever. they can all go screw themselves.

last night i watched the movie "my neighbor, totoro". my dad bought it for me when i was like, 5 and i would watch it every single day, its an awsome, kiddy movie & i love it.i was looking for icons, and surprisingly, i found a totoro icon! woot, that would be the best thing that has happened to me today. and probably for a long time.

well, im gunna go eat some waffels now. that is, if i decide to go out of my room. but im hungry, so i think i will

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lets have sex and get married

want some bacon?

yeah, so im un grounded, FINA-fucling-LY
beckk came to visit last night, and spent the night, we caught up. it was quite awsome ^.^
nothing worth mentioning has happened, prolly cuz ive been grounded.
i wanna go to the movies tonight .. or tomorrow. or do something, which i prolly wont end up doing >.<


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lets have sex and get married

NO!! the cookies arent for bill gates! go fart on al gore, cuz she said hes gunna fuck you up, nigga

still grounded, but im doing a project. stupid science project >.<
my mom is a gaint blue doosh
and life is boring, its a dickface.
im grounded untill christmas
and my mom is not buying me a skateboard
what the fucking fuck.
well since my dad is moderatly cool ill get him to buy me one. or i will steel some money wearing sega's kitty beanie, so no one will recognize me, and buy myself a skateboard.
have you guys seen genesis' new house?!?
its huge & beautiful, like your mom's chest hair

in 6th hour i stole ricky's CCS magazine cuz she stole my gum.

is the sky green if you lick a toad? how aboput if you add 5 wheels while going 90 mps on a popsicle?
only 5 cuz todays monday.

i forgot to add

carlos cut his hair


I COULDNT BELIEVE HE CUT HIS GEORGOUS HAIR (okay, so it wasnt georgous, but it was awsome hair)
& it looks really bad Y.Y poor him. but oh wel, hes still cool, but he just doesnt have cool hair
lets have sex and get married

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! *it was me, i was in the trukey! i was here all along* XD

happy thanksgiving .. or it should be happy anyways Y.Y
at my cousins house in palm beach & uber bored
im a grounded loser, probably for the rest of my life .. long story. so dont expect me to update anyimte soon, other then today ...

*sigh* im talking to zeh beckkinator on the fone right now, my grandma's cell phone to be exact
i NEED a cell phone >.< argh, we all do.

i made a(some) stupid choice(s)
beckk helped me though one, the one that i cant deicde wether or not to dub stupid
and im grounded for the other, skipping 1st hour & getting caught, then lieing about it, and lieing to get out oif that lie, and eventaully, the lies catching up to me Y.Y
im a dumbass

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lets have sex and get married

hello, thank you for calling the F.B.I, my name is Greg, how can i help you?

dib- "buy you just told me
zim- "your lieing!!"

ahh invader zim is so friggin awsome

Gir's X-mas list:
-a barrel of floss
-2 balls of glue to be his friends
-to dance naked
-a table made of cheese
-a chair made of cheese

and of course, tuna, duhh

oh i love gir

bex is so uberly sweet, & if you read her last entry, shes right, i have an uberly low self esteem, for so many reasons, which im not gunna state to the world. ..maybe i will later. but for now, i must go and make some waffels! i want waffels. i have some waffles, yesh, waffels at 2:27am

but i dont need to be putting anymore fatty foods such as waffels into my body. so maybe i wont. unless they have peanuts & soup in them... *goes and checks* nope, just "homestyle" **sad**
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lets have sex and get married

(no subject)

*Birthdate: june 7th
*Age you act: sometimes i act 2, sometimes i act like a responsable 30 year old, it depends
*Age you wish you were: idk
*Your height: 5'4-ish
*Eye color: brown
*Happy with it?: i wish they were hazel or green., brown eyes are so friggin boring, everyone has em
*Hair color: light brown
*Happy with it?: eww no. but nothing else would look even okay
*Lefty/righty/ambidextrous: right
*Your living arrangement: Mom, Dad, 2 bros, 12 pets
*Your family is: odd and very dysfunctional
*Whats your job?: sometimes i "sit on behbes"(as the uber cool krystle would say ^_~)
*Piercings?: 4 -ears-
*Tattoos?: none
*Obsessions?: have quite a few
*Addictions?: yea
*Do you speak another language?: i kinda speak spanish, but im kind of a gringo v.v
*Have a favorite quote?: sure
*Do you have a webpage?: No
*Do you live in the moment?: yeah
*Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?: yes
*Do you have any secrets?: of course not, i mean, EVERYONE knowns everything about me *sarcasm* well duh, who doesnt? WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS *shakes fist*
*Do you hate yourself?: yea
*Do you like your handwriting? eww no.
*Do you have any bad habits?: Yes
*What is the compliment you get from most people?: i dont get compliments
*If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?: i dont have time to think of a name for a non existant movie *sigh of fustration!!*
*What's your biggest fear?: spiders, small enclosed spaces, idk i have a few
*Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?: NOOOOOO
*If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: sure
*Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?: im pale, my nose, my chin, my FAT uncles *lmao*, i mean ANKLES, my legs, im not happy with my weight ... i cant spell, most of the time. i suck at math, i dunno, sometimes i say the most friggin stuid things on earth, the list goes on
*Are you passive or agressive?: idk
*Do you have a journal?: what exactly do you call this thing????
*Do you think you are good looking?: no
Are you confident?: no

Do You...

*Smoke?: eww no
*Do drugs?: grossssssness
*Read the newspaper?: sometimes i read the funnies
*Pray?: yes, i wish i prayed a bit more though
*Go to church?: Yes
*Talk to strangers who IM you?: of course, its fi\riggin awsome XD
*Sleep with stuffed animals?: a sunflower that looks like a sun, "raindeer", my crazy meowing cat, & my real cat(sometimes)
*Kiss in the rain?: sure
*Like to drive fast?: if i could drive then i could answer this question

Would or Have You Ever?

*Done something you really have regreted: yeaaaa
*Hurt yourself?: no
*Been out of the country?: YeS
*Eaten something that made other people sick?: yEAH?
*Been in love?: no.. no?
*Done drugs?: No
*Gone skinny dipping?: wen i was 3 or 4
*Showered with someone of the same sex: with clothes on
*Showered with someone of the opposite sex: no
*Had a medical emergency?: yes
*Had surgery?: no
*Ran away from home?: yes
*Played strip poker?: no
*Gotten beaten up?: playing around with frends
*Beaten someone up?: my brothers
*Been picked on?: yes
*Been on stage?: yes
*Slept outdoors?: Yes
*Thought about suicide?: thought of it, but never DOING it
*Pulled an all nighter?: Yes.
*If yes, what is your record?: 2 days in a row
*Gone one day without food? yes
*Talked on the phone all night?: i wouldnt remember
*Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?: no
*Slept all day?: yup
*Made out with a stranger?: no
*Had sex with a stranger?: no
*Thought you're going crazy?: lol YES
*Kissed the same sex?: no
*Done anything sexual with the same sex?: No
*Been betrayed?: yes
*Had a dream that came true?: i dont think so
*Broken the law?: yeah
*Met a famous person?: yup, all those kick ass characters from disney world
*Stolen anything?: yes
*Been on radio/tv?: no, only in the newspaper
*Been in a mosh-pit?: Yup. moshpits are funnnn
*Had a nervous breakdown?: Yeah
*Bungee jumped?: No. i will one day.
*Had a dream that kept coming back?: Yea
*Do you have any gay/lesbian friends? Yes.
*Who is your best friend?: well.. i have 4
*Who's the one person that knows most about you?: the fab 4 (gen nicole bex and amandUH)
*What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?: i dunno
*Your favorite inside joke?: whoa toooo many.
*Thing you're picked on most about?: being pale, white (even though im not all that white, this one jackass seems to think so *shrug*
*Who's your longest known friend?: cameo since 2nd grade
*Newest?: i dunno
*Shyest?: nina
*Funniest?: all of you motherfuckers XD
*Sweetest?: bex &b sega
*Weirdest?: all of you are weird
*Smartest?: francesca
*Ditziest?: well of course its amanduh *just kidding*
*Druggiest: comically stoned mike
*Hottest: sdfsddfgqevasccarfsdffsd carlos dfsdfedgdfgdfgfdgdsfg
*Friends you miss being close to the most?: kristina n nina
*Who are you on the phone with most?: sega
*Who you see the most: all of em..
*Who do you trust most?: fab 4
*Who listens to your problems?: bex & sega
*Who do you fight most with?: myself o.O
*Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?: lol >.> <.<
*Who's your second family?: bekkinatorrrrrrrrr
*Who's house were you last at?: the space-station-motherboard-thingy of the great bekkinator
*Name one person who's arms you feel safe in: ..
*Do your friends know you?: of course not, that would be why they are my friends *sarcasm*
*Friend that lives farthest away: amanduh o cameo

Love and All That
*Do you consider love a mistake?: no

*What do you find romantic?: unexpected or spontaneous, something thats unbelieveably cute & completely sincere
*Turn-on?: hot guys with emo hair *drools*
*Turn-off?: ugly hair. & ugly teeth *cringe*
*First real kiss?: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweweweweweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww

ARE YOU REALLY TRYING TO MAKE ME BARF ?!?!?  MOST unfortunatley .. gustafo or however you spel his name *cringe* LOL! his name sounds like a crappy brand of cat food "mi gusta gustafo!!!!"  <-- sez an animated cat in a cheap spanish channel commercial, lmao


everyone was doing this thingy so i thought id be a cool kid a& do it too

bex is spending the night! WOOT WOOT we are gunna pull an all nighter, hopefully. & im still gunna have to go to school, ahah, thats gunna be fun. ""i dont *hops around madly* *hums* laa dee da.. hot dam i dont (im preparing my hick speech for wen i move to HIXVILLE U.S. FUCKIN AAAA.. im gonna start singing about how i lost my dawg n my ta-ruck and ma hillbilly wife... who also happens to be my cuuuzzzinn.... to this new thiang they have round thses cuntry woods called a dee-vorce ya say((im a middle aged hick man wen im singin u see, with a cowboy hat, thats why i lost my wife.. and not my husband..) lmao omg ive been so off today.. LOVE BEX!!!!!!!!!!!!"" O.O o...ksy, well whatever you say beckk... luff always, adriana«
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lets have sex and get married

AHOY me mates! it is i, captain .. oh shit ... whats my name? *shakes fist*


sjhgsdlk jbwanie uhvbdrastiuqgrtbsdfgkjzxdfs,f cdjmnfdsm,df mcdfm, gfc



then i typed ANOTHER one & my cat walked on the keyboard and for some reason it all erased .. so now, my 3rd attempt to type an entry....


today was awsome!

okay, i lied, it wasnt.

i got 3 A's 1 B and 2 C's

but the parental advisory doesnt know that .. and never will


<_< *shiftyness*

and you bastards wont tell em!!


bex (like sex with a bee) might be comming over alter. SHE BETTER! if not then i shall cut off a mooses tail and shove it in her ear XD okay, so i wont do that, but she better come over. the get together thingy wasnt as great as i wanted, but i had fun, i hope beck did too...

re did my layout. it kinda sucks. its not exactly as i wanted it, but it'll have to do .. i wish i was better at html >.<

oh well



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