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there she goes, my beautiful world.

send that stuff on down to me

25 August 1986
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deep in the night, it's all so clear
i lie awake with great ideas.
!!!, accents, adam and the ants, adam hills, anatomy books, anaïs nin, andrei tarkovsky, angela carter, animal art, animation, antiquities, antony and the johnsons, aubrey beardsley, auguste and louis lumière, auteur theory, balthus, baths, beatrix potter, bill henson, birds, birthdays, birthmarks, björk, black and white, black books, books, botticelli, brett whiteley, caravaggio, carnivals, charlie kaufman, cinema, cinematography, cocteau twins, crowded house, dada, dandies, david bowie, david lynch, dictionaries, don't look gallery, dr. karl, dylan moran, e.e. cummings, easter, emiliana torrini, feminism, fiction, film studies, film-making, flea-markets, forests, frida kahlo, gabriel garcia marquez, garage sales, geroges barbier, goldfish, graham greene, gustav klimt, idea books, jane campion, jjj, john frusciante, john william waterhouse, kate bush, labyrinth, ladytron, lemony snicket, leonardo davinci, lepidoptery, letters, lovely things hunting, man ray, manga, margaret atwood, massive attack, matthew barney, mike worrall, modernism, mulholland drive, museums, newtown, nick cave, nick cave and the bad seeds, odilon redon, old photos, opshops, orlando, oscar wilde, owls, peaches, pearls, perfume, peter gabriel, postcards, public transit, rabbits, rain, reading, roxy music, rozelle markets, sabrina's paintings, sally potter, samuel beckett, scarves, sea-creatures, sigur rós, silent films, sparrows, split enz, stanley kubrick, swallows, sydney, taxidermy, tea, the bellrays, the circus, the cremaster cycle, the l word, the ocean, the rolling stones, the tiger lillies, the yeah yeah yeahs, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom waits, tori amos, trees, tv on the radio, typewriters, victoriana, virginia woolf, vladamir nabokov, vladimir nabokov, w.h. auden, winter, women filmmakers, yann tiersen