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The stars above have lost their shine, and so my love departs our sight

The stars above have lost their shine, and so my love departs our sight

The night has fallen, down the staircase
21 August
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Main Characters:
(In alphabetical order for drama issues)

Fabienne. (Me)

Katie Patterson.
|One of my best friends. She moved to MI about two years ago but she will be in california soon, I hope? I miss her a lot.|

Katie Torncello
|Practically my sister. Im with this girl non stop. We have the same intrests and scheduals and everything. Were attached.|

|Another one of my best friends. I love her to death and would die for her. We also have the same intrests and she makes me laugh.|

|All I can say is this si Valentine. Were the most complicated people that walk the planet. I cant even describe our relationship. ♥|
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