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Day 1

The new job is.... interesting. Technically, we are representing USAA, so first we watched a little "Gee, isn't the USAA nifty and don't we love supporting and fighting for our country!" dvd. Set up our email servers and all that. Upon introductions (for the whopping 5 people in the training session), I find out that everyone else has at LEAST 8 years in the Mortgage industry. Yeah.... I have none. Needless to say, our instructor is breezing through concepts, that, while not particularly difficult, still need some familiarization. Everyone else is fine with Credit Reports, calculating risks and assessing member's loan applications... yeah, day one folks. My head is swimming already. And I have homework to do - heh. Luckily, I really enjoy learning, I am just not at all used to being the slow one in the class. I am sure in a few days I will be fine. In the mean time I have two quizzes tomorrow, and must study for the one on Credit Report Forms and such, as I need to have the qualifications and ability to calculate Housing Ratios, Debt Ratios, LTV, CLTV, and HCLTV memorized by tomorrow morning. Once again, none of this stuff is all THAT difficult - just basic number crunching... but to someone who has had absolutely ZERO experience with mortgages or loans, it is all Greek to me.

At least we got out early today... and 1.5 hours of the day was taken up by a "Recognition" ceremony where certain employees were recognized and given silly awards for excellent customer service and such... nice to know you actually get recognized for a job well done. 3 people from the actual USAA Headquarters in San Antonio, TX actually came in to do this ceremony thing. They gave out ribbons :)
And we had an hour for lunch.... although most of mine was spent going to get my pre-employment drug screening (as I got up early to get it done before work, but the place I went to was out of test kits)... won't get results back (I don't get them, my temp agency does) till Friday.

Ok.... off to unwind and then study.

*USAA = United Services Automobile Association*
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