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If you are reading this, oh silly man (and you know who you are) - write in your lj damn it; to amuse me if for no other purpose.

Thank you (you may collect your reward at a later date)
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Doggie Help!

I will be out of town the weekend of October 24th-October 26th (or possibly the morning of the 27th) and again November 1st-November 2nd. I desperately need a dog sitter - if you could stay here that would be best, but as long as the dogs are fed twice a day, cats are fed, they have water, and get to go out of an hour or two several times per day - that will work (staying here is preferred though!). I will pay you (price to be determined depending on what you feel your time is worth).

Also - D has been awesome and has been feeding the dogs for me on wednesdays and thursdays, as I don't get home from work those two nights until around 9 PM. She is back in school and super busy - I will pay someone $20/week to come by, let the dogs out and feed them those two days.

Let me know if you are interested.

Thank yous are in order

I had big plans for this weekend - party Friday night, E visiting, Party Saturday...

Then Thursday I got the bug going around my office. Passed out at Tim's Thursday night around 10:30, woke up around 3 to drive to my house, back to sleep, up at 8ish to call out of work, back to sleep until 6. Finally Tim got me to get up and eat some soup. He was very patient, dealing with my sleeping, taking care of the dogs, doing dishes and laundry!!! I passed back out around 11 or so and slept through until 11 AM Saturday. Needless to say, we missed the Friday night party.

The thought of cleaning my house and hosting a gathering in my sick state was freaking me out - but my best friends came to my rescue. E came by to get some money and went food shopping, and Kiten volunteered her home. They are truly such amazing best friends - between the two of them and Buffie, everyone was informed of the location change. A bunch of folks showed up (including some I had not seen in forever) - and wow - this is the break-up season! Everyone is single now - it's crazy!

Anyhow - thank you to Buffie, E, Kiten, The piercedweirdo, and everyone who came last night!
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apropos of nothing

I am hurt and frustrated and trying to deal right now...
so on a note that has nothing to do with life...

I finally got a new phone. However, my old phone did not cooperate with the new regime and I lost most of my contacts. Email me your number/email/etc please:
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Ridiculous happiness

The weekend was great, the party was much fun! To top it all off, Pancakes were served this morning. I love it when people make me pancakes.... yeah it doesn't take much.
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2 Bedroom for rent!

2 Bedroom for rent!

My next door neighbors, who are awesome, are looking for a tenant (or a couple) to rent the first floor of there house. It is a good sized 2 bedroom. My neighbors are both in their twenties and they have a 2 year old and a large dog. They live in the upstairs part of the house. Plus, you would be living next door to me! woo hoo!

They asked me if any of my friends might be interested - so I am posting it here!
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Yay Dr's Scale!

I never thought I would type that - but my home scale is apparently only one pound off my doctor's scale (I am used to a significant difference between the two, but I had not been to the doctor's since I bought the current scale so...)

I went to the doctor today (first time since I think May 2007) and I found out that I have lost a little over twenty pounds! Yay! I knew I had lost weight (hell, I made the mistake of looking at my graduation photos the other day and ew), but not really that much.

Only ten more pounds until I will be happy (well, I will probably never be happy with my weight, but I am weird like that)

Now I just need to find a photographer who I trust to take some pretty photos of me!
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New job - same company

So I just found out that everyone working on the USAA account is being laid off...

however, they must really like me, because I have been offered a position (same salary for now) working for the Toyota account.

Sweet. I totally thought I was getting fired.