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Death of another celebrity

Okay, call me cold-hearted, but the death of a celebrity? Really not high on my radar.

Yes, it is sad that Brittany Murphy died. It is sad when anyone dies, especially when they are so young (she was only 32). But am I really surprised at the news of her death? No, not at all. She was painfully thin, like eating disorder/drugs thin, and tended to have dark bags under her eyes and act really strung out, at least in recent interviews. Add that to her mom now saying "she had diabetes" (not mentioned anywhere else, the interviews I read/saw with her were her defending her thin form by stating that she loved sweets and ate all the time!), and her husband having a fit over the autopsy, which he very vehemently is opposing? Yeah, that doesn't seem fishy at all.

That said, I don't know the girl. She's young, and was in two of my all time favorite movies (Clueless and Sin City). Yes, it is a tragedy. As I said above, it is a tragedy when someone dies. But it is not like any of us know her personally (to my knowledge anyhow) and honestly, her death has no effect on my life. Does that make me a bitch? Maybe so, but at least I am being honest.

I cannot even tell you how many Facebook status updates I saw today that said thing like "OMG! I loved Brittany Murphy, I am crying!" and such. Really? You are crying over someone you don't know? It is one thing to say something like "Oh how sad, she was talented and I appreciated her work", but to be in tears like a family member died? The last time I reacted that way to a celebrity death was when Kurt Cobain died, and I was 13, so I think that is slightly more understandable.

Okay, I am done being cynical for the evening.

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