The Devil Loves You

26 January
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can you feel it yet?
drink more water.
take deeper breathes.

i like art.

we are better than you.

manicans give the best head.

my fishnets pwn.

gay pride.

my favorite shirt.

you all want to have my babies.

my dog can pick her own nose. HARDXCOOOOORE.

yup. thats pretty much all there is. to me.

and... .

barcode fetish.

., 13, 27, 43, 666, afi, alone, art, at the drive in, barcodes, biting, black, bleeding through, blonde redhead, blood, blood brothers, bon jovi, bondage, boys in eyeliner, boys kissing boys, bright eyes, brody, buttons, camp fires, candles, cherry slurpees, cold, combat boots, courtney love, cursive, cutting, dark eyes, darkness, dead kennedys, drawing, dropkick murphys, duct tape, dyed hair, edgar allan poe, edvard munch, edward scissorhands, eighteen visions, empire records, emu, enmity, eyeliner, faeries, fallen angels, falling in love, fire, fishnet, flogging molly, gir, girls, glowy things, hair, hair gel, hard love, hating you, hoodies, i hate love, i love hate, icp, immaturity, innuendos, invader zim, jhonen vasquez, jon bon jovi, jthm, karen o, kirby, kittie, lace, ladytron, laughter, le tigre, less than jake, marilyn manson, matches, misfits, music, my pet skeleton, neon green, nightmare before christmas, nin, nine inch nails, ninja turtles, open minds, original nintendo, oxymorons, penguins, perfect hate, permanent markers, photography, pictures, piercings, plaid, poetry, pretty boys, rammstein, randomosity, red, rocko, sarcasm, saul williams, scars, set design, shoe laces, silver, slayer, sleep, south park, spikes, sporks, spray adhesive, squee, strange fetishes, the casualties, the clash, the distillers, the letter r, the locust, the ramones, thirteen, thunderstorms, thursday, tim burton, tool, twiztid, vincent marcone, winter, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, your mom, zippers