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oohbaby___'s Journal

24 July
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Caution2HOTT143: we are officially granted DOG AND CAT WOOF WOOF MEOW MEOW

"rollin down the street talking to nooshie's coochie sippin on v8 splash! *oooohh yahh*
with his cooch on my mind&&sushi in my pillow"

your pussy wet....ur smelly and ur dandruff is flaking! lmfao i LOVE this guy........haha

x69dudex69 luv ya
LiKeWh0a7 luv ya 2

tallbutpimped love ya
LiKeWh0a7 luv ya 2

Ashpimpin23 luv ya
LiKeWh0a7 luv ya 2

HuSh ShOrTy69 luv ya
LiKeWh0a7 luv yah too

JeWJeWtOwN69: love u lots
bROOkEdAkOOSh: love you too

LiLjBoOgLuVr love you
LiKeWh0a7 love you too

EcKoGiRl21 i lvoe you more!
LiKeWh0a7 i lvoe you most!

NiURa 1 STaR i love you donkey kong style!
LiKeWh0a7 i love you super mario style!

Caution2HOTT143: i wuv u
bROOkEdAkOOSh: i luv u 2

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