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26 March 2020 @ 03:16 am
it's simple, really: as long as you're sound, well- relatively (i don't ask for much :D), and not my mum.
01 January 2008 @ 12:27 am
things that kept me going this past year:

1(a). COFFEE~~
1(b). my brand new porcelain french press. \o/
2. tennis.
3. european excursions.
4. drum & piano lessons.
5. william beckett's voice. (i don't know either, ok?)
6. ¡Viva La Cobra!
7. football (even when it's busy breaking my heart).
8. their existence.
9. bandslash. (best accidental discovery of my life -- fbslash doesn't count, i went after it willingly.)
10. all of you. ♥

2008 is going to be a good year, guys. :)
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i'm listening to: elliott smith.
i found a book the other day, that nobody wanted for 70c, and saw my future on its cover (read over and over by whomever -- from one end to the other, and back again), folded carelessly in half, and its pages yellow.

i picked it up and found: a familiar face shaped in a brown waterstain, character stitched meticulously into loosened bindings and a separate story told through every crease, each dog-ear marked in succession and-- my fingers slipped, fit in between the cracks on its spine.

(at the counter she asked me if i wanted a new one, smiled, said she could try. i smiled, too. said no, said no thank you just this please, brought it home and wrapped it up, smoothed out each corner carefully and it felt like. it felt like-- )

yesterday i bought a cd for 4.95, that lived on the far end of the last shelf, quietly for far too long, its plastic wrapping sticky with dust covering names, and songs nobody remembers the lyrics to anymore.

(i remember you used to sing them to me, you used to sing -- said come and walk with me come and walk one more mile. i wish you could hear it now, or at least once more, then.)

on my way home, i stopped by the store, picked up a pack of cigarettes -- those that you used to smoke. i still don't, but i lit one up anyway and now: slow tendrils fill up the room -- the way you used to, with your tall tales and smokes -- curl lazily round the edges of the book, sneak into the rifts of the opening song, settle heavily onto my skin.

-- and it feels like. feels like home.

in conclusion: shoes are evil contraptions of the devil designed to ensnare human beings, and to make it hard for us to run away. thus i have decided that i shall be going barefoot for the rest of my life.
and, i hate my course. (university is so not as cracked up as they made it out to be.)
i'm listening to: nietzsche - the dandy warhols
01 January 2007 @ 03:38 pm
i can't quite remember enough of this (or rather the recently passed) year to say much, it's all strangely fragmented in my mind, so i think i'll have mr. lloyd do it for me instead:

what a year it has been
what a year it has been
lost my love
shed my skin

i'm alright i'm alright.

all i know is this: i'm very grateful for a lot of you, having you here in my life, in whatever way, for however long. thank you and have a good safe 2007 you guys. stick around (i hope you do), i know i will at least for awhile more.
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24 July 2006 @ 09:36 pm
Okay. So I got somewhat obsessed with the Timo/Lahmi GLOMP scene.

So I took a crash course in movie animation icon thingie. And tada! VOILA.

...The world will rue the day I got mah Photoshop mwahahaha

So since some folks took interest in them, I thought I'd share :) Because sharing is caring and erm... *distracts with icons*

Icons this way please.Collapse )
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That's how I end up with 2 half-written Supernatural ficlets and 1 crack!fic that will never see the light of day.

And these:

'cos I'm so crazy obsessed with the World Cup these days. Majority of the German team because I have been converted (Yay! Go King Micha and his boyharem!) but mostly because I'm too lazy to go find others

Slashy football loveCollapse )

OMG I just realised I can have a mood theme now. *gape* Yes! Paid account. I love. *biggrin @ dubh_ceol*
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