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[05 May 2005|05:33pm]
8 if you wanna i might

[07 Apr 2005|11:15am]


ALLLLLLL of you lot do this.

that means you too.



FUCKER DO THIS. or i'll kick your shinsCollapse )

16 if you wanna i might

[14 Mar 2005|04:58pm]

Pfft well today was BAWS..utter BAWS!
boring as boring can possibly be.
Ali might be having other sleepover type thingymir .. ^.^
Yaaaaaaaaaaa. :)

I'm so bored tho..and im uber short on money :(
I want soo soo sooooo many gig tickets but im too poor.
dont forget!
Cunts ¬.¬

Seriously i have nothing to post about . =|
Today was so crap.


cause im a camwhore ^.^

All my photos are gunnah be posted on ma lj casue i alwayz end up loosing them all when i wipe my pc .. pssht


Pickaaaaa..toores =)Collapse )

7 if you wanna i might

[13 Mar 2005|08:30pm]

Bored so i took photees =)

Commmmmmenting is a must. =)


Noo PickatoorezCollapse )

4 if you wanna i might

[26 Jan 2005|08:24pm]
So much has happened, and i wished it was all good..i have so much to say but i cant because there's a person who reads this that can't see it..
But ill write about what i can.

TBS- Drunk+Matt=Not Good
MCR- Gerard Way=Sexah

Mum+Dad=Unhappy Erin


That's all i can say herre.. *switches to private entry*


just let me write.

if you wanna i might

[23 Jan 2005|03:28pm]
Er.. my msn just went like .. *capoot* .. i dunno why and it wont work again, im in the middle of putting all my entries as friends only cause the maw + dad have started to work out how to read them (the advantages of having music on ur lj) .. so i can hear when they're on my diary..

Trying to download the new msn, to see if it;'ll work, urgh..itz a gay


Bored, eep i;'m going to see MCR + TBS tomorrow, *dances*
See my Gerard Way <3333333333333333333333333333333333

URGH! .. msn still isn't working
2 if you wanna i might

[30 Dec 2004|10:17pm]
hmmm. nuthin been happening here. sat and texted some random guy..cant remember his name tho =\ .. =P
Eeeep..ordered sim card thingymir to get 300 free texts a month..hoe yer
Wierd convo about strawberries and their mystical powers (".) .. aye
Going to buy loads of them on Tuesday..for the fun of it.
hummm..spent £8 in my phone on one day..hefty

Erin xxx
<3 Callum
if you wanna i might

[29 Dec 2004|09:55pm]
Woke up at uhh...11.15 and scrambled about to get dressed and washed and stuff..and ran out the door to get Callum from the train station.
Humm. got my gig tickets *thumbs up* .. and Ali's.. pfft..£43 =|
Umm..went over to Ali's to give her them
Got bus to Hammytoon..double decker ^_^ and Terry Brown and her crew came on it ..pfffftie
Hummm..train back to motherwell..back to hamilton..back to motherwell..back to hamilton .. then to ..hamilton west..thn hamilton central
Umm..hung about for a while. got bus home .. to .. wishaw =S pfft
Hummm...now.home..bored..blah.not in writing mood..blah.blah.blah.

Erin xxx
<3 Callum
if you wanna i might

[28 Dec 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | <3CK+1 ]

Hmm .. Im in the mood for an unbearably long update..not done one of thm in a while.

Hmm..well i woke up about 10.30 by the maw and her hoovering anticts =@ .. grr
Noticed there was snoooww .. AND loads of it!! .. was like. . eeeeee*scream* ^_^
I'm pondering about new layout for journal...or just fucking with it myself. i did Callum's tho .. so proud

Hummm..christmas is gone..and it was pretty shite. pfft ive got new years next.

? Wait till the bells
?Eat steak pie (tradition)
?Go to Ali's
?Make sure i'm not first footer. (Cause im a red head)
?Go to gran's
?Sit for hours bored witless
?Eat more steak pie.eat jelly
?Sit bored and wait for everydby to get pissed enough to let me go home( i'm not allowed to drink while my family are there)
?Go home and spend my new years on msn

All this while everybdy has a ball.. pfft

Humm..going into glasgow tomorrow to get my gig tickets. fallout boy and the used. ive to get ali's too..
Still grounded..so i'm not allowed in glasgow myself. so dad's taking me in .. and i'm running into central and round to ticket scotland .. and homeward bound..with calllum.

I'm gunna start playing my cornet again. so i can get good again. cause i'm getting pisher. so i can play some lurvly ska ^_^ .

Hmm..dad's been a moany arsehole the last few days. being on my back about EVERYTHING..argh . maybe it's his time of the month =| ..anyhoo

That damn wierd hole in my gum is going away =) .

Still have a wierd dodgy smokers cough .. aye..pasive smoking..yesh i know who to blame .. *nudge nudge* .. aye you know who you are.

Hmm .. cant wait till tomorrow ^_^. going a train adventure journey. yey =P i dunno where to yet. which ever train comes first.

Well i've ran outta stuff to say.
I'm going

Erin xx
<3 callum

if you wanna i might

[26 Dec 2004|02:37pm]
ho hum. well this diary is just gunna be um..not like it used to be .. cause now i have neewwww diary..private one ..mwahahah

Hum. so there goes no thoughts in this. just.random.shite

I'm gunna ask for a doctor's appointment for my hand =S .. its got a big blah lump on it..i askd my biology teacher and she says its just a mass of extra bone..and its nuthin to worry about..but its ITCHES !! argh . so annoying.

Hum . Christmas dinner last night . had uhm .. chicken bhoona . and managed to speew it all up this morning around .. 7am. yey =| . that wasnt fun.

Umm. theres hardly anybody on msn.

Er. i'm addicted to this dickies top. itz got holes in the sleeves to put your thumbs through ^_^ . so fun

Um .. was gunna walk to the shop to get a marker to write on my bag with .. adn harispray(to stop marker from running in the rain) . but..uh..itz cold I'll go later. when it'z warm. like..April

Er. i feel better after spewing rings round my self. which is a good thing i suppose.

My hair is all soft.and its starting to scare me. itz.too soft..like babies hair. it's all whoa.

Um .. the powder i got for my christmas makes me get a tangey face. ^_^ how fun

Still need to get my hair dyed. WILL do it tonight, if i dont somebdy please slap me.

Er..new msn address with the gay .. @hotmail.co.uk .. co.uk .. gay!

Um .. itz random_sox@hotmail.co.uk .. i'm gradually fixing everything so itz all random_sox .. so i dont get confused with usernames ..and crap. since my mind is puney.

Next is .. faceparty. ill do tht later. i liek the one ive got just now . all thats to ickle hardcorey jamie and his wierd cute words. hmm..not seen him in a while actually =\

ive not seen Khalil in ages niether. wonder if he'll be in hamilton on wednesday..shall go visit him.

Dad deleted my Ares. and he thought he's deleted all my songs too .. but u fucker u havnt .. so harhar.*laughs in face*
if you wanna i might

[25 Dec 2004|12:31pm]

Hmm..was up at 5am =P
Got all lurvely clothes.ee
£120 .. oh yesh
if you wanna i might

[22 Dec 2004|01:58pm]
Erg..almost end of day.readying to go home.
"It's my United States Of Watever!!"
Eee. uber fun
Made big stage.And danced to .. l'Lost Prophets =)
Leah danced to Avril Lavigne =|
Now we're all tidyed p and waitign t ogo home.
Listenin to .. er..dunno
Well .. I'm going bye de bye .
if you wanna i might

[22 Dec 2004|11:49am]
hello thar >.< .. -stef

yaaas. just said that well gay-like
drinking bru ^_^
best non alchoholic drink ev-ar. <333333333333333333333333333333333
"hehe im the teacher" - leah
hxc innit like whoa d:
DEATH TO THE SCENE KIDS. diediediedie hardocre boy >:(
Stevem is the shizzle.
Erin has a well nice scarf on today, i have plans to thieve it in the future. c:
Me & darren are in a band the-gether. =D
I play keyboard. \m/ . metalicous.
Alison is a goff c:
Leah is a.....*Sean style& FREAK
sean, eeeep <3
Arg i met ally mccrae last night.
Anyway lets pretend to be erin.

(Oh callum. I miss him. I text him like 15times allready today. I wish i could talk to him. Ohhh my hairs so pretty. & its nearly christmas. Wish i could see callum on boxing day. I have my adios on. They are the sex. cant wait to show callum.)

:P lol.
My phones a wee ginger.
Im so proud of it. c:
Anyway no offence meant by the above. ^.^
Tattie byeee
if you wanna i might

[22 Dec 2004|11:48am]
Aye.thanks steph for the "obbsessed callum-like" .
Bizarrre 1st years..invading.with huge..christmas bags..and..argh .. a Jewish Pillow =S .
This is OUR room .. forever
F*ckers trying to learn..hmph
*and leah sits mesmorised by gay 2st years*
*ali sitswriting lyrics*
*erin listens to dcfc*
*steph wanders about with ..bru*

You Are Beautiful But You Don't Mean A Thing To Me .. do do do

Ha .. steph et leah being all "SIT IN .. A ..SEAT!"
This keyboard is..crap. .. to get a " .. you need to press .. shift .. and the @ sign =S . wtf like,

Bahp Baaaaahh

Stephen Fisher..hate tht boy. came and sat next to me.

Ohh .. The Used.
"take take take take take take it away"
Yuss. Purevolume is the shizzle
if you wanna i might

[21 Dec 2004|11:42pm]
eeee..in r.e all day..cleaning boards ¬_¬ .. then realised..THE RE PC LETS U INTO LIVEJOURNAL + PHOTOBUCKET!!
listening to Matchbook Romance
Getting a mcflurry from Zaria *thumbs up*
Getting another mcflurry from Ms Furey ¬_¬
I'm a gruber
Miss Callum =( .. lots
Not alowed on the pc..grounded cause i was two hours later from coming in from glasgow..phones outta money..so i cant text callum .
I've got money to buy a top-up .. ill go after school
Hmm..trying to find a web based msn =\

well bye de bye
Erin xxx
if you wanna i might

[21 Dec 2004|08:11pm]
Back on le pc..im alowed on for..an hour
Um .. School was fun =P

"Sir can we go to the Spar?"
"Where you's going girls? ..the toilets did you say?"

*half hour later*
"Sir we brought you back some chips from Sal..er..the toilets"

Me and Steff And Leah got stuff from the second floor staff party =P .. they gave us hats and food .. yuss we love you teachers
if you wanna i might

[19 Dec 2004|08:58pm]
eeee..had uuuuuuuuuber fun in glasgow
With Calllum <3 and Aaaaali and AAAAAAAlex
Bought Ali christmas prezzie + Steph's thingy
Went back to central and sat with callum and slagged everybody off
"oooooh .. look at that womans tartan trousers and stuff!!!"
"*woman looks round*"
"ooh look callum you have tartan on too"
*five minutes later*
"excuse me.we've had complaints from members of the public..could you please remove youselves from the cash machine area"
Sat for ages just talking
Was two hours late
Maw went scatty
Banned from pc ..but yet im still on it =S
Can't wait to see Callum again

Made his lj for him ..


if you wanna i might

[17 Dec 2004|05:54pm]
eeeepie .. <3CK+2
if you wanna i might

[14 Dec 2004|10:40pm]
Hmm .. back in computing..leriods nearly done .. *yawn*
Can't wait till Sunday
eee..only 11 days till chreeshmis ..
aww well .. the bells gunna go .. I'll update laters
Au Revior
<3 Callum
if you wanna i might

[13 Dec 2004|09:11pm]
Thanky Gow =) .. made my journal all .. groovy like
Hmm .. well .. I let Callum read my journal *hides* ..ah wait..now I need to watch what I say .. hmm
That's all for now . Lol .. josking =P
if you wanna i might

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