Somewhat Important Announcementy Thing

Heya, writing this before I have to work - of course the days I finally get inspired to make bases, my computer dies! It's been dead for almost a month and has just been fixed yesterday. I have bad news though - because I needed to get a new harddrive (my other died), all the bases are lost. Well, except for the ones already uploaded.

I'll be making a lot more, time permitting, perhaps some repeats if I can find old images of well-liked bases. I'm sorry about this, but the hard drive just did a nose dive.

I promise that I'll get right on that after restoring all my old programs! Including finding my photoshop CD, graaargh.
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I'm back! Random icons 646-670

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This summer's been pretty hectic, since I got a job. I hadn't had the motivation to make new bases. But now that I have a bit of time off, and it's rainy out, I decided to make a set! Haha... I'm not dead.

My friend's host is back up, but I don't want to overload her. I may add the older ones back bit by bit, but I might wait until I buy my very own hosting thing to do that.

Thanks to the wonderful meinterrupted, omg_iconz_ is now a paid account. I didn't want to let that go to waste, so I'll try to update a lot more, if time permits.

The same rules still apply - credit not required, and customization is encouraged.
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Remember those Zodiac icons I made, of the women posing and the symbol of the sign in the corners? They had an orangey tint to them.

I'm just letting you know I was recently told not to use them as the original artist does not allow it. My sincere apologies to him and to all of you. Could you please do me a favor and, if you've taken one of the icons, please remove it for Tim Dry's sake.

Thank you very much, I am sorry.
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Randoms 601 - 616

I don't understand the placement of non-pixel font so small on icons that one can't read them. For all I know, it could say "I eat children" in the smaller text and just have a pretty-sounding word in the bigger font to appease the masses.

It's unsettling.

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o Credit not required.
o Customization encouraged.
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