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well, its a school night and i'm up at 12:45. good job laura, way to start out the year!

oh yeah, and there's this one song by the beach boys called i get around and small part of it explains why i want to go to agoura.
he're some of the lyrics... it's only like two lines of the song.. but oh well.

I'm gettin bugged drivin up and down the same old strip,
i really need to find a new place where the kids are hip.

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    punk__godfather </span> punk__godfather punk__godfather punk__godfather punk__godfather punk__godfather…

  • hahahahha i love it.

    what a great fucking way to start out the fucking school year. i hate you. god. p.s. if i could re-do summer i soooo fucking would. i'm

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