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obsolete_'s Journal

laura saves the day
8 May
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;wesley;, a new found glory, acting crazy, adam sandler, alkaline trio, allister, alternative music, astronomy, audiovent, austin powers, autumn, bleached hair, blindside, blink-182, blue eyes, blue skies, body spray, boomer, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, bracelets, braid, bright eyes, bubble boy, candles, care bears, chicken quesidillas, chinese food, clouds, coheed and cambria, cute things, dashboard confessional, deftones, dr evil, dr pepper, elton john, emo buttons, emo music, everclear, fabolous, fenix tx, finch, five stars for failure, foo fighters, freaking people out, fun, further seems forever, gary the snail, gauges, glassjaw, go-karts, going on walks, good charlotte, green day, guitars, hair dying, hemp necklaces, hip-hawp, homegrown, hoodies, hurley international, ice skating, incubus, inscents, jelly bracelets, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, john mayer, kawaii, lagwagon, loudmilk, mexican food, midtown, mr pibb, music, musical instruments, mxpx, my journal, my nick!!, my vitriol, name taken, nelly nell, nick defonde, night time, nintendo, non-smokers, nore, oasis, pacific sunwear, pacman, paper mario, paul from good charlotte, perfume, photography, picking my nose, piercings, pop-punk, punk, reading old letters, reel big fish, retro, retro jackets, saves the day, shopping, simple plan, ska, skateboarding, skater guys, sleeping, slurpees, smashing pumpkins, something corporate, spice girls, spongebob, sunny day real estate, super mario brothers, super mario games, swingsets, taking back sunday, tattoos, the ataris, the early november, the flys, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the starting line, the used, third eye blind, thrice, thursday, vans, volkswagen new beetles, weezer, wesley marshall, winter