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Crybaby Ninja

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10/9/05 10:51 pm - hmph

Okay, either someone is fooling me or Yondaime is alive and leaving messages in my leaf journal.

That is just weird. I mean. How the heck does a dead person come back to life. Ok okokok I know that to everyone else I was dead, but i wasn't really! So...

oh, well maybe Sensei didn't die?

WAH! *tells Kakashi who simply sighs and mutters something about how it would only be narutal that he didn't die, people dont normally just come back to life*

Well, Kakashi says we'll be coming home soon. I know I didnt post everything we did on this little trip away from home. Actually it was boring. But there were some highlights.

Spiky head is getting on my nerves. He should just go home and find a chick to take care of him. Maaaah, is he ever lazy.

*looks at garbage that had piled up next to where he set his lap top up*


Anyway. I'm tired and I'm not going to post anymore about this. Oyasumi nasai!

10/2/05 07:06 pm - Meh

Kakashi is being a jerk right now. He's all tense and moody, wont really say much to me. I keep prodding him, but he wont say.

Hey, anyone reading this, mind telling me whats going on? I know something is, I always knew it, but I thought it would just pass.

Pineapple head is such a lazy bum. Kakashi and I went out for food and the kid was all like, bring some back. I was like, hey kid if you want something to eat get it yourself then Kakashi pulled me away from him.

I guess we've been spending too much time together. I can't wait to get back to Konoha and maybe Tsunade-sama will give me some real missions. I wont be stuck down with a gennin team. Holy crap kids are hard to deal with!

I wonder if my sensei had a hard time with Kakashi, Rin and I? ....

Nahhh! We were the best time ever!


9/20/05 02:48 pm - Tanzaku city

Wow! Sugoi! So many bars and clubs here. I snuck out of the hotel room and went to one of the gambling clubs. Played cho ka han ka for a bit. Maaaan, why can't I be like Zatoichi and use my senses to pick which is Cho or Han!

You guys all remember Zatoichi, the blind swordsman? He's right famous you know! Beat Takeshi plays him in the new remake movie!

Anyway, if you haven't heard from Kakashi thats because he's lazy. I dont know where he has been wandering off to lately, maybe he is avoiding me because we have to talk seriously?

*Actualy its Obito avoidng Kakashi and the fated conversation*

That Shikamaru kid, Spiky head, is really lazy. He wont even lift a finger if he doesn't have to. Surpisingly he's a neat kid. I suppose he keeps things clean just so that he wont have to clean it.

*looks at all the junk that has accumulated in his hotel room*

Mah. I'll clean later.

Sometimes....sometimes I wish Rin were here. I don't know. for us three to be a team again.

Nevermind, I dont want to talk about it.

9/11/05 06:02 pm - Glad I have a laptop

Aren't you all glad I own a lap top? Thanks to Akatsuki! HAH! I bet they are crying, having spent all that money for an electronic box! They even had to pay for lessons to teach me how to use this fandangled machine!

Anyway. Don't worry Hokage, I have everything under control. Kakashi-kun told me that we're going out for some male bonding! *points his finger at the screen and yells something about its NOT WHAT ALL YOU GIRLS ARE THINKING!!!*

*realizes no one can see/hear this and settles down*

Just as friends you sick sick people. For some reason some spiky ponytailed guy is here too. Just a gennin, maybe we're uh...supposed to teach him something? Seriously no one tells me a damn thing.

Oh, if you are wondering. i know this isn't what Kakashi says it is, but I'm going to humor him and pretend like I think it is. I mean, something is probably up in Konoha that we have to leave. If that is the case, well, so be it. I dont need Kakashi any more worried about me.


*goes quiet for a long while before typing again*

There are things we need to talk about. Painful things. I guess it was wrong of me to get drunk and try to talk about them.... I thought it would ease the pain, but it only made it worse. I dont remember everything I said to Kakashi that night, and I hope it wasn't anything too serious.

Last thing I remember was being woken up by Kakashi early this morning and told to leave along with spiky head. I think he has a name, uh, of course he has a name, I just can't think of it. Shiki? Shika? Deer? Buh?

Anyway, who cares about spiky head. Well, we have to care for him but I just dont want to talk about that right now.

Let's see. Kakashi and I shold really discuss Rin while I am sober. *rubs his eyes* That wold be a major thing.

Oh! The Yondaime....we need to talk about that. Maybe we'll hit a hot springs and check out some girls. THAT would be fun. I should bring that up.

Hm, but, not to worry everyone back in Konoha. I will keep track of the daily events, or, maybe..uh, every couple of day events. But so far so good, we are out of Konoha and have set up camp near this lodge place. (which is how I could post this journal entry)

I'm sure if we get to tanzaku city we can find a computer for Kakashi and Spiky head, though he seems really lazy, I dont know if will will update or not. Kakashi probably will.

*hunches in close to the computer* I think he has a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*snickers and see's Kakashi pad out of the bathroom. Shikamaru wouldn;t share a room with one of them, so Kakashi and Obito ended up sharing. (two beds nyah)*

Got to go!

*hits update journal and closes the screen down*

6/20/05 04:03 pm - hospital pt2

"don't die..."

With the help of Tsunade-sama and Shizune, Obito lay comfortably asleep in one of those small hospital beds. Well, maybe his body lay comfortable but his dreams were far from that.

Obito had always been plagued by bad dreams, he often spoke in his sleep, and occasionly sleep walked. They became worse when he was saved by Akatsuki, and thoughout the years mere nightmares turned into terrors. It was easy to sleep when out on a mission, mainly because he only slept for short periods of time. Not enough for the bad dreams to come.

Come to think of it, Obito never really actually slept a full night in a little over 10 years. The dreams still came, but somehow he believed that by not sleeping full 8 hrs, by waking up though out the night,he was having less nightmares. Which probably wasnt true, but he did this anyway.

"...Rin?" He was mixing Rin up with Jess. In his sleep he thought that he was trying to save Rin.

He'd always loved Rin. Obito wanted to at least try to make a new life here in Konoha, he knew he would have to give up on Rin. she wasn't coming home. Sure, he came home, but...it was diffrent.

Rin lay in his arms, like Jess had lay in his the previous night. ...and she died. Rin died, right there in his arms.

"no.." He breathed..."No.." He was panicked. "NO.." He was thrashing around now. "NO!"

"no.." This time his voice was muffled, as he struggled. He struggled as if he were tied up, struggled as if he were trying to break free.

This dream, was most likely his subconsious trying to force obito to come to terms with Rin's death. Because he was not there when it happened, he felt guilty, and somehow wanted to have the chance to try and save her. He was going though the motions. Somehow when he was told in the waking world, it didnt seem real. He believed Kakashi, but it didnt feel real.

"no, please.."

His eyes fluttered open, a droplet of sweat slid down his cheek while he searched the room with wide eyes. A dream. How surprising. He breathed a sigh of relief.
((*tags Jess, Kakashi, Iruka, and uh, yeah. for now.))

5/30/05 12:16 pm - I did it again.

I slept all day in this tree, and it was surprisingly comfortable for a tree. I was supposed to go into Konoha today during the day, but now its is 2am.

Why am I always chronically late for just about everything?! Its not like I do this on purpose. Of course, no one understood that. They thought I did things like that just to piss them off.

*pauses then smirks*

Okay. Well back in my training days I did do certain things to piss certain people off, mainly Kakashi. But he deserved every bit of inconvenience I gave him for his stuck up attitude.

I wonder if he is still as stuck up as he was back then.

I remember thinking, just for a moment before Rin took my eye that we were friends. It looked as though he cared for me, he was worried, so was she. But, why did he come so late. Why did they show me that they did like me so late in the game.

It would have been nice to have known I did have real friends, that they were not just being nice to me because we were on the same team. Or maybe they were, until they realized that I was dying.

Akatsuki is going to be upset with me, because I'll be over due with my mission, but I dont really think i care anymore. I hardly thing they will come to fetch me if I decide not to go back. They wouldnt have sent me alone to Konoha, my home town, of all places.

However, while on my way home the other evening I notced a boy up on the roof tops. He had red hair and a massive amount of chakara. I think this may be the other kid we are looking for, I find it odd that he is in Konoha when he is supposed to be from the village of sand.

Maybe I will impress my sempai's by finding him here. I should probably e mail Kisame or Itachi right now to tell them about it, but...wouldn't it be more exciting if I pin pointed the Kyuubi's location along with this other kid. If I tell them i found both...

*rubs hands together, then sighs, going all angsty again*

This is too complicated for my mind. really. I just want to live a normal life. I wanted to work at the police dept with my cousins and live normally. But, I suppose I do have to be greatful to the members of Akatsuki for saving my live. Rin couldn;t do it, she tried hard but at the time she was just a gennin medic nin. Kakashi, I can't blame him, he does not know how to use chakara to heal, and Yondaime...I can't even remember him being there...

The last time i saw him he was...leading us out....you can't imagine my shock when I found out he sacrificed his life and sealed Kyuubi within his own son. Well, this is only my speculation...who else would he do this to? and the man never shut up about his wife being pregnant. But I didnt mind listening. He was one of the few people who would just sit and talk to me when I was a child.

and here comes the guilt trip. How can I be part of a group who wants Kyuubi, when the boy carring the demon just may be my former sensei's son?...and then I look to Akatsuki who saved my life.

Its all so complicated. I realize I'm a person who shouldn't have so many complications.

Well. When the morning comes I will be out and about again. ....am I drawing this mission out long because I want to stay here?


5/29/05 12:25 am - clickity clack box

*sitting in a tree Obito flips open his lap top which was given to him for research. Kisame had taught him how to use it for passing information to Akatsuki though e mail, but Obito mainly used it for surfing the net and journal posting.)

I messed up big time.

I let my feelings get in the way of my mission. I've always been like that, I guess it can't be helped. I care too deeply about people, and things. Like when I almost lost Rin.

I still think of her and Kakashi too. Wish I didn't.....

Ran into someone when I was looking up at my old house. Told her my name though I doubt it meant anything to her. Who remembers Uchiha Obito anyway? The kid who died years ago, crushed by a boulder?

No. they were probably all too thrilled that their beloved kakashi came back alive.

I guess I'm kind of bitter about that, but at the same time I love and miss Kakashi and Rin.

I can't make up my mind how I want to feel. I guess for now I best not seek them out, as much as i want to. hell. I dont know anymore. I may just look for them, but i know I shouldn't.

eh. anyway. going to try looking for that kid again tomorrow, maybe I'll go during the day. Going at night makes me look suspisious. Maybe I will ditch the poofty red cloud robe (I never liked those much, but its required to wear as a memeber of Akatsuki. Blah)

....*Obito blinks and then chuckles to himself remembering the time he forced his younger brother to eat sand.*
*sighs and signs off*
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