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three years later, I can summon the courage to sort out this blogging situation.
I'm at uni now. disorganised as ever.
I have a new journal (das_kitteh) which is used for comedy/creative writing purposes.
I kind of wanted to start afresh.
So go there, read it. Pity me. Or something.


im at heathers!

her mum has bought enough booze to kill a family of raccoons, its like a fekking pub!! its ace ^_^
Ive already drunk my weight in red sguare.. and stupidly deciided to go on heathers dance mat..whilst tipsy. haha, i did complete her game for her though- which did seem to make her happy.

Heather is here, leering over my shoulder..reading out all the words i type XD
okay, everyone is getting here at half eight, so thatll be cool. We are currentl;y sat upstairs... pratting about...
She has a massive meowth cuddly toy, which i will have a picture with by the end of the night
ooh, i forgot. i made a balloon animal- its amazing, for real.... yeah.

hmm.. what else??


i know all the words to 'freestyler' by bomfunk mcs.... 

oh fuck it, im off to get drunk-
have a great new year y'all!!

and drink resposnsibly.

yeah right. i cant even fucking spell now


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i challenge anyone to watch 'Requiem for a dream' and not cry.
or even the book for that matter!

the requiem for a dream concept is one i love, but you cant watch it that often, it really depresses you.
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