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lunatic.. lunatock..

beat you with a cinderblock

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liz Z y b3ar
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  • lizzyb3ar

We be the exact opposite.
From you ignorant, counterfeit,
normal mothafuckas so proud of the innocence.
Forever in this bitch,
fuckin' with the dead.
With invisible X's in the middle of our foreheads.

+ My Juggalo family
+ Frozen Cokes
+ Independent films
+ Music; Horrorcore. acid rap. rock. metal. industrial. techno & trance.
+ Mosh pits and/or moshing
+ Kandee braclets& neclaces
+ Candy; Pixi stix. sour gummi worms. candy neclaces & sour skittles.
+ Concerts
+ My close friends; Jessika. Destiny & Loopy.
+ Shopping
+ Walking downtown Royal Oak
+ Eating at National Coney Island at midnight
+ Black eyeliner; couldin't live without it.
+ Piercings; I have my lip pierced.
+ Tattoos
+ Mohawks
+ Thrift shops
+ Stars
+ substances; marijuana. alcohol& dextromethorphan.
+ My sarcasm
+ My sister, Deidre
+ Nicotine; Newports preferably.
+ Dying my hair; purple now.
+ Combat boots
+ Platform shoes
+ Fastfood; Wendys. taco Bell. pizza Hut. burger king. mcdonalds & little ceasers.
+ My Burger King crown
+ Sleeping in til' 3 in the afternoon
+ 80's music
+ Fluffy& or fuzzy things
+ Blinky& or sparkely things
+ The Zoo
+ The Disney Channel

- Haters; people who are against my "Juggalo self".
- Pousers; people who think that GC & simple plan are "punk" & juggahoes/juffalos.
- Boys in tight pants
- Boys that wear sweaters that are xxx small
- Hard drugs; heroin. cocaine. crack & speed.
- Dentist offices
- Bugs; mostly spiders.
- People that use you& then leave you
- Stuck up bitches
- Stuck up jocks
- Kids in Middle School
- Troy, Michigan
- Regular pepsi
- Being outside; i'm an "indoor" person.
- Having insomnia like I do
- Kids that cut themselves & think they're the shit
- The singer/band "Beck"
- Avril lavigne
- "Wanksters" & "Wiggers"
- Seafood
- Walking/standing for a long period of time
- Country music
- American Eagle& Abercrombie& fitch.
- The Wiggles on Disney
- Expensive stuff



Monoxide is the chainsmoker.

D-Loc is Stoner love.

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