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happeh nuuuu yers

so...hannahs partay rocked out and was drunked and stoned and fun..erm...i cant member mucho but im sure it was all cool
met stephen....who was not like how i imagined him to be was wierd
spent aaaaaaaages talkin to jack and nick and me, jack, henry cafee n william hot boxed the bit between hannahs two front doors...TWO front doors...crazy
so i felt pretty lean
i cannae be arsed to write in here anymore...
so yea...i pulled quite alot of ppl. it was odd. jack said my tongue stud ruled the earth and i was like.."yeah! bitch!"
i pulled alex for what i think was a looooooong time and my knees got muddy..but then he blanked meh so i was like "wah?" but then i realised that i was surrounded by drugs and alchyhol so twas ok
we was menna stay at kirans and really late on in the night like we got shouted at to shut up and everyone had just absolutly gone to sleep and it was pretty dry so we were all like..lets mooch to kirans for munch and bedding
but kiran got really P.O'd when it wasnt no ones fault and she kept moaning at me and then her boyfriend called me a whiney bitch just because they get to go make out in a discreet corner and everyone else had to sit silently in a hall but whenever joe isnt around kirans always the first to be like "lets go home now!"
so yeah..i was a bit fucked a bout that
but i had time to get over it
anyway...went to greasy spoon next morn which was jokes and the fat greek man was hitting on tommy bear and it was funneh and we watched greek TV and ate many a grease, anderoo, tommeh, nick, jack and me all got on the bus to myn and there was this black box at the back and it was ticking and beeping like a bomb and we were all stoned and neurotic and like "NOOOO! its abomb!"
but it was the indicator thingy
then we all played the simpsons hit and run and my dad was bare jokes.
hm...nick said i ruled and asked for my number and i was like..woah. i am hungover and mangy and wearing golf trousers. how cool
henry looked so cute as the haribo boy
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