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everyday should be christmas day


this yr was a good haul....=D

i gotta phat new longboard which rox my sox and goes very fast on which i hav alreday had a bad accident on lol
aaaand a mini disk player (woooooohooo!) i knew stealing jons minidisks last year for no apparent reason would someday pay off (yay for goth music!)
and i gotta new ps2 (the silvery one) and im soo happay cos i was getting withdrawl symptoms after my other one got nicked...i got 'need for speed underground' which is okay and the simpsons 'hit and run' which iS AWWESOME!!! its like gta but without the drugs and blood lust and so on
so those were my major presents..but i also gotta ton of other fun schtuff

my brother is dominating the video games right now cos hes big and strong and i am but a feeble girl

but its fun to watch him be shit

hope ya all had a fabarooney xmas!!!

love to everyone in ljland!

kt xoxoxoxox
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