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roller coaster! of lu-u-urve

give nouseforaname_ more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

what the fuck is this? i stole it off explodethis's lj. hes a dude. does he go to latymer, kiz?
HUG MEEEEEEEEEEE! I WANT HUGGLEZ! hugs are luvleee *hintidge*

i really hope i pass textiles with A so i get to go to art college and make pretty, mad things
i got A in musique and A****** in english
go fucking me, i rule
today was 'celebration of sucsess' and as usual i sat at the back while evryone i say EVRYONE got a certificate and i didnt. for the 5th yr running.
that deserves an award in itself, motherfuckers

im gonna go watch 'freaky friday' tommoro (fuck u kiran as u snigger at the screen) with a bunch of dudes from school (good lord, im actually socialising with them???!!) which should be good cos all they do is get high and steal stuff.

sounds like some other group of frends i know, lol

and remeber ppl. a hug a day, keeps kt happay!!!! =D

and u dont. want to. make. me ... angry....

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