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likin da spoon ok (angels we have seen when lean)

fuck sucks cock. theres was some funny ass hymm called 'angels we have heard on high' which made me laff alot. jesus was a tokin' joker and i was sitting next to this funny ass yr nine boy called liam who was about 20 ft tall and he was cracking jokes. i have two new boy obsessions to add to my (big) list!
theres this really cute dude called jack and hes got this long wavy blonde hair and h plays geetar and hes hyper YEY!! he was starin at me when i was laughin thru the funny hymm...
and gerald (teehee) the emo boy in sixth form and my new buddy liams' bruva knows emo boy verr well and hes gettin me jacks numba and gerals numba! hurrah!
i would 'schmooooooze' but its too much effort
dfuring the 'silent prayer' i swung the kneeling stool down and it smacked the marble flooring and it made the LOUDEST NOISE and cracked
hehe...i banged the tam tam gong REALLY hard when clara was sitting next to it...gwahahaha

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