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sweet like a nut, sweet like tropicana

i am bored. and when i am bored, i become self reflective...time once again for an update on the life of brian. or as some would commonly know her, kt. key word there- common

ha. ha.

well, im 15 yrs, im 'cancer'..ima chinese dragon, i smoke ciggaretes (marijuana and menthol also)
hmm..i go to a catholic girls school (somthing that is quite amusing and interesting) (if you know meh) i am good at english, music and clothes making class...i wanted to take art, but it was that or music...and then the hot art teacher left so i chose musique
i am
-fickle (VERY)
-a pianist
-attention seeking
-a tomboy. to the max.
-paranoid of the baseball sattelites that are monitoring our every moves
-blonde (in more than one way)
-slutty (but in a deceptive way- i like to think)

i have some cool ass frends...but i never seem to be able to get close to people, just socially enjoyable
i hate talking on the phone...i like every guy i meet..i never got standards...maybe the elephant man i guess
when im older i wanna be a film director, radio presenter, or kids tv presenter
i am single. i thinks its because i look like a boy. which sucks. but im growing my hair into natural natty dreads so yay!!!
fave songs? happyland by the aquabats
and firing line by farse
im bored now so i shall go

=unity= peace, l o v e

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