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freaky shizzle

fuck fuck fuck, i just watched 28 days the dark
fuck me i am shitting myself.
it was fucking brilliant. although i am afraid to leave the safety of the sitting room
my dad was laughing at me cos everytime he went dowstairs i would run screaming past him thru the hall to make sure i wasnt left behind, lol
i am a loser. i love scary mooovies

nothin really happened today...went to school, had the most hilarious science lesson (as ever) and everyone was asking me about sex so i drew diagrams of horny stick men (and women) (and perverted ass children) and then sire wlaked in and we said we were learning biology and he was like "oh....dont mind me, i'll just sit at the back" (hes afraid of the big, black girls)
and someone said "so...can u tell if someones notta virgin, kt?" and he just got up and made a swift exit mums asleep on the couch and shes makin noises like the infected in 28 days later

im definatly gonna pin kirans eyelids open and make her watch it GWAHAHAHAHA
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