January 3rd, 2004

the aquabats!

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went to see 'love achully' with kiz and lu
it was fucked up and a bit crazy
hugh grant was the prime fucking minister (!) and it was quite funny in places
we came into the cinema late and then i tried to jump over some seats to get to the seat in fron but i miscalculated my jump and the fact that cinema seat are all up until pushed down and i went 'wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' onto the woman in front and then fell onto the floor
it was fun
kiran got totally over excited with the love thing and kept going 'i love u katie!!!!' she got shuuuuuuuuushed by the old man. it was very funny
lucy was coolio. i love lucy. shes so great. and im not just saying that cos shes reading my lj.
okay. maybe a bit. but just so she KNOWS!!!
and people. sophie is right. jack is THE biggest P.I.M.P there ever was
he wrote P.I.M.P onto his forehead becos i told him the pen was crayola washable when it wasnt (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!)
i dont really know what to write!!! so much....
hehehe went back to kirans...we sorted out all the hungover grumpy madness that was on the previous entry. i dont really know what to make of it. i can never be arsed for arguments cos i suck at them and loose so its best just to not have them
hehehehehehe! i was late home and just hanging at kirans drinking wine and i called my mum and she was like 'where the hell are you???' and i said i'd skate home but she gets scared and moaned on about picking me up and then i got this woopy cushiona dn starteed going 'mum! mum!!' into the phone and everytime she tried to speak i squished the woopy cushion and i did it sooooo much and she got so mad and i was pissing myself and goiung 'fart fart fart'

mmm mmm mmmm....JoeT hello. how are you? what was the full-stopyness for? it confused me? are u mad at me? im not mad at you...

daniel looked so fucking hot as cap'n jack sparrow and erm..kirans sexy nun was very funneh as she was wearing a sock on her head and joet is the best pretty boy there ever was. he beats jon. and to maintain that status he must wear pink flares as often as possible

mmm..love love peoples xoxoxox